Comparative Medical Science Training Program

T32 Comparative Medical Scientist Training Program (CMSTP)

Mission of the CMSTP

The mission of the Comparative Medical Scientist Training Program (CMSTP) is to prepare post-DVM PhD students to become exceptional veterinarian-scientists in comparative medicine at UC Davis. This post-doctoral T32 is highly successful in training veterinarian-scientists for research careers with >90% utilizing their research training.

To ensure the success of our new trainees, we have a comprehensive 4-year program at UC Davis, which supports DVMs in pursuit of their PhD. We will prepare trainees for the next stage of their careers through provision of research colloquia, individualized mentoring, networking opportunities, and grant writing workshops. Thus, CMSTP provides a comprehensive, integrated research-mentoring program for DVMs at UC Davis, particularly those from historically marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds, to remove barriers that exist and deter some from pursuing a research career. We are committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse body of trainees.

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