Graduate Student Support Program (GSSP)

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The Graduate Student Support Program (GSSP) is an administrative function of the Office of Research and Graduate Education, School of Veterinary Medicine, to administer and manage funds designated for the support of individuals with a veterinary degree in the School of Veterinary Medicine working to obtain the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Master's degree or pursuing post doctoral research training.

Mission Statement

"To seek, secure, and grant stipend support on a competitive basis to the most outstanding individuals seeking advanced scientific training degrees in a specific field of veterinary and/or biomedical sciences and who have successfully completed the professional veterinary curriculum"

Through this mission, the GSSP hopes to contribute substantively to the national need for veterinarians with advanced scientific training, especially in areas currently lacking sufficient veterinary medical participation and/or in which a veterinary education would be particularly appropriate. The ultimate goal of the GSSP is to develop scientific leaders of the future that participate as veterinary academicians and/or clinical scientists in academic veterinary medicine.

The GSSP intends to ...

  1. attract the very best candidates
  2. promote scientific excellence
  3. combine merit, scientific, and need-based support
  4. insure reliable and consistent funding, and
  5. develop mentors and academic role-models.


Please contact Jennifer Gouine at (530) 752-6612 or e-mail the SVM Graduate Student Support Program at with any questions or concerns.