Office of Research and Graduate Education

Office of Research and Graduate Education

COVID-19 Updates

  • UCOP Continuity Planning website 
  • UCD OVCR website 
  • State and Federal agency updates
  • CDC Interim Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines for Handling and Processing Specimens Associated with COVID-19​ and research information
  • CDC Guidance for Universities
  • Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools, and Homes

Teaching Guidance

Keep Teaching Website: The Keep Teaching website (built by ATS and CEE) is being updated daily with useful tips for remote instruction. You may find the live and recorded webinars valuable. There are live webinars taking place this week.

Posting Materials on Canvas

Keep in mind that many graduate students and undergraduates are having to access your materials from other time zones. Many more are going to occasionally experience unreliable Wi-Fi or a lack of quiet space for a class session. If you put your key learning materials on Canvas (asynchronous), they can follow even if they miss your real-time class, and this will be enormously helpful to them. If you need instructions on how to record live sessions and post them to Canvas, please look here.

Guides to Using ZOOM  for Online Courses

Basic instructions about setting up and running Zoom meetings and ZOOM Guides.

UCD Campus Research Resources and Networking Links

Slack Networking Application: A cloud-based collaboration tool that allows teams to communicate in real-time via chat in public or private channels.


  • Public Channels: Slack is used by hundreds of UC Davis faculty, staff, and students. Public channels allow campus-wide conversations and collaborations.
  • Private Channels: Need to communicate with just your team, lab or workgroup? You can create a private channel that is only visible to people you invite.
  • Direct Messages: You can send private messages to any individual who is also a member of the UC Davis Slack team.
  • Beyond chat, you can share images, text snippets, and files easily with groups or individuals, public or private.
  • Slack offers easy integration with hundreds of other applications and services, including GitHub,, Box, and many more. You can even create your own custom integrations, bots, and utilities!
  • Compared to free Slack teams, the UC Davis team offers unlimited message history, unlimited integrations, and other premium features.
  • Access Slack from any web browser, mobile device, or from full desktop clients.

Connect with the COVID-19 Research Working Group (

The SVM Office of Research is a service unit within the School of Veterinary Medicine which assists faculty, graduate and veterinary students and research staff with their research programs.

Services provided by our office include assisting in identifying sources of funding for both extramural and intramural research, as well as providing advice on the preparation and submission of application materials.

Global Programs

Global Programs

Dedicated to promoting research, education, and service with the goal of advancing discovery and meeting societal needs globally while educating future generations of global health leaders.

Visit the Global Programs Site