Graduate Education

Graduate Education

COVID-19 Updates - Research Continuity and Planning 

As the COVID-19 outbreak expands and the impact evolves, the Office of Research is working closely with the UC Davis leadership team, the University of California Office of the President and colleagues from other UC campuses to establish guidance specific to research operations. This guidance is intended to help the campus research community limit the impact and potential risk associated with the growing outbreak of COVID-19. Please visit the Continuity Planning website for more information.

Teaching Guidance

 Keep Teaching Website: The Keep Teaching website (built by ATS and CEE) is being updated daily with useful tips for remote instruction. You may find the live and recorded webinars valuable. There are live webinars taking place this week.

Posting Materials on Canvas

Keep in mind that many graduate students and undergraduates are having to access your materials from other time zones. Many more are going to occasionally experience unreliable Wi-Fi or a lack of quiet space for a class session. If you put your key learning materials on Canvas (asynchronous), they can follow even if they miss your real-time class, and this will be enormously helpful to them. If you need instructions on how to record live sessions and post them to Canvas, please look here.

The School of Veterinary Medicine offers a rich educational environment for students pursing advanced graduate education. Our faculty engage with the UC Davis Office of Graduate Studies and a broad range of Graduate Groups to support students and veterinary graduates pursuing M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. UC Davis has organized more than half of its graduate programs as interdisciplinary graduate groups, which gives students the freedom to explore their interests across disciplines and colleges.

The school is proud to serve as the home base for the Graduate Groups in Epidemiology, Integrative Pathobiology, Immunology, and Preventive Veterinary Medicine where students may focus on human, animal and other research areas.


SVM Graduate Group Complex

The faculty are also heavily involved in a number of other graduate groups and graduate course offerings, including:

For more information about the Graduate Group Concept visit: UC Davis Graduate Groups