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Agriculture and Food Safety and Security

Agriculture and Food Safety and Security

The school has numerous connections to agricultural health and safety, such as clinical services in Davis and Tulare, laboratory services, training of large-animal veterinarians, and food safety and security, research and public outreach activities.

Agricultural Experiment Station (AES)

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The Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) is part of a state-funded UC research program consisting of more than 750 scientists and 1,300 research projects. Scientists at UC Davis, UC Riverside, and UC Berkeley are associated with the AES through the multi-campus Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. In addition to conducting research, scientists share the knowledge gained with the public to improve agricultural and natural resource systems.

100k Pathogen Genome Project

The 100k Pathogen Genome Project is a landmark global consortium that seeks to use whole-genome sequencing and metagenomics to examine bacterial diversity as a means to develop methods that are applicable to bacterial identification, functional biomarkers, and source tracking in agriculture, public health, and the environment.

Academic Departments

The school’s scientists work on issues related to agricultural systems and natural resources across the six academic departments.

California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab System (CAHFS)

The California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab System provides quality services that protect animal health and performance, public health and the food supply.

Center for Food Animal Health

The center addresses animal, public, and environmental health needs related to food animal agriculture in California.

Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank (FARAD)

FARAD is a university-based national program that serves as the primary source for scientifically-based recommendations regarding safe withdrawal intervals of drugs and chemicals in food-producing animals. FARAD is a key resource for protection of our nation's food supply.

Veterinary Medicine Cooperative Extension

Veterinary Medicine Extension focuses on finding science-based solutions to problems in animal health and human health that benefit food producers, animal-related industries, county farm advisors, public policy agencies, commodity groups and the general public. Our campus-based extension specialists provide teaching, research and service programs on food safety, disease prevention, animal health and well-being, production management, public health, biotechnology and more. Veterinary Medicine Extension is a joint program between the University of California's Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

The Large Animal Clinic offers provides both in-house and ambulatory services to dairies, ranches and breeding operations within the greater Davis area.

Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center - Tulare

The Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center in Tulare, California, provides clinical services, academic instruction and laboratory services, particularly to the dairy industry, and conducts a robust research program that addresses dairy interests and needs in nutrition, reproduction, calf health, animal welfare, and food safety.

Western Institute for Food Safety and Security

The Western Institute for Food Safety and Security brings people together from a wide variety of disciplines to address water quality, and food safety and security problems, through research and training.

Western Center for Food Safety

The Western Center for Food Safety researches the interface between production agriculture and food protection, identifies real-world solutions to food safety challenges in these systems, and communicates new knowledge through outreach and education.