UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine General Brochure

The school's 20-page brochure provides an overview of our clinical advances, research breakthroughs, educational opportunities and public service.


Advance is a quarterly print and online publication that shares overall updates about the school—from ground-breaking research, innovative teaching and clinical success stories, to announcements about new faculty and leadership positions.

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VMTH - Heartbeat

VMTH - Heartbeat: Read about clinical activities at the veterinary hospital, including our latest procedures, accomplishments, faculty additions and clinical trials. Also, get the latest on upcoming continuing education seminars being offered by UC Davis, along with interesting facts about veterinary medicine and what our clients have to say about the great care and people at the VMTH.

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Horizons offers an annual round-up of top research stories around the school and their impact on human, animal and environmental health.

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One Health Institute Update -Evotis

Evotis is a quarterly online publication of the One Health Institute. Each volume focuses on a central theme that highlights the current work underway through OHI faculty, researchers and students.

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Center for Equine Health - Horse Report

CEH Horse Report provides quarterly up-to-date information on diverse topics related to equine health.

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CCAH Update - Center for Companion Animal Health

CCAH Update focuses on sharing information that improves the health and well-being of companion animals. The newsletters cover recent activities at the CCAH and selected topics of interest to pet lovers.

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CAHFS Annual Report

The CAHFS laboratory system brings cutting edge diagnostics to animal agriculture, protecting animal health, human health and the economy. A new laboratory facility in Tulare demonstrates our commitment to the heart of California agriculture in the Central Valley. This is an investment in the future of one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world.

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CAHFS Connection - California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System

CAHFS Connection is a monthly online publication distributed electronically that highlights diseases diagnosed at CAHFS in various species, and provides educational information on clinical signs, lesions and confirmatory test methods.

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WIFSS & WCFS @ Work - Western Institute for Food Safety & Security

WIFSS & WCFS @ Work provides information on recent activities of the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security and the Western Center for Food Safety to enhance global food safety, build capacity and identify real-world solutions to food safety challenges - from meetings and conferences, to outreach, research and publications.

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