Animal Health

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Pioneering near-infrared imaging

A cutting-edge procedure helps veterinarians see through tissue and saved the life of Atlas, a young Mastiff, with a lethal build-up of fluid in his chest. He continues to do well a year after surgery.

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Public Health

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ABC's of cooking chicken

A new study finds that while most consumers are very aware of food safety issues, including salmonella, and the risk of foodborne illness, many do not follow recommended food safety practices in preparing their own meals at home.

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Environmental Health

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Pigeon die-off solved

Scientists implicate a new parasite, Trichomonas stableri, along with the ancient parasite, Trichomonas gallinae, in the recent deaths of thousands of Pacific Coast band-tailed pigeons in California’s Central Coast and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges. (Photo: Dianne Ricky)

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Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials

Photo: Livestock Medicine

Identifying and developing advanced medical treatments.