Animal Health

Photo: Animal Health

Regaining Sight

Life wasn’t looking too bright last year for Cyrus, a 10-year-old German shorthaired pointer with corneal endothelial dystrophy, until an alternative surgery through a clinical trial helped him regain some of his lost vision.

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Public Health

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Veterinary scientists on Ebola frontline

Kim Dodd (Ph.D. '14, DVM '15), joined her mentor and UC Davis alum Brian Bird (Ph.D. '08, DVM '09) in Sierra Leone to work in a field-laboratory that serves as a regional reference lab. Their role in conducting rapid Ebola testing to identify cases remains critical to swift tracing of patient-contacts and reducing the transmission of Ebola within the population.

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Environmental Health

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Bluetongue virus mystery solved

For 100 years, ranchers have wondered how the bluetongue virus—which costs the nation’s cattle and sheep industries an estimated $125 million annually—persists through winter. Turns out, the virus survives by reproducing in the insect that transmits it. (photo: Rita Mendes and Iolanda Gomes)

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