VetPDA Calcs

VetPDA Calcs contains 21 useful calculators for Veterinary Medicine students and professionals. All calculators have been rewritten to support different iPhone sizes (including the iPhone X).

The Calculator can be downloaded on the iOS Store Page

Included Calculators:

  • A-a Gradient - The Alveolar-arterial gradient (A-a gradient), is a measure of the difference between the alveolar concentration of oxygen and the arterial concentration of oxygen. It is used in diagnosing the source of hypoxemia
  • Anesthesia Drug Calc - Calculates recommended dosage (based on weight) for many drugs commonly used in anesthesia.
  • Anion Gap - used to differentiate the causes of metabolic acidosis
  • Blood Gas Analysis - Analyze blood gas measurements to determine acidosis/alkalosis and metabolic vs. respiratory causes
  • Bicarbonate Dosing - Recommended bicarbonate dosing to counteract acidosis
  • Body Surface Area - Given a body weight, determine the surface area. Used to determine drug dosing
  • Combining Fluids - There are a number of drugs in a clinical setting that come as a percent solution. Some examples include 50% dextrose, 25% mannitol, and 2% lidocaine. This calculator assists in manipulating these fluids to alternate percentages.
  • CRI - Constant Rate of Infusion calculator. Given a weight, volume, rate of fluid flow and desired rate of drug infusion, determines how much of the drug to add to the running fluid.
  • Dosing Calculator - Use this generic calculator to determine the calculated dose using the weight, dose, and concentration. NOTE: this calculator does NOT provide recommended dosing -- that's up to you :)
  • Drip Rates - Assists in setting the appropriate fluid delivery rate when using a 'drip set'
  • Echo Values - calculates normal cardiac dimensions in dogs < 70 kg
  • Energy Requirements - Using data from 2006 NRC guide, determine energy requirements at various life stages and health statuses for dogs and cats
  • Equine Fluids - Determine volume of various fluid types based on body weight
  • Fluid Plan - Assists in the generation of a fluid plan to correct dehydration and ongoing fluid losses due to vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Fractional Excretion of Sodium - Can be used to assist in the diagnosis of some causes of renal disease
  • Maintenance Fluids - determines how much fluid an animal needs on a daily basis
  • Osmolality - Measures the concentration of substances such as sodium, potassium, urea, and glucose in blood.
  • Percentage Solutions - When you need to deliver a certain quantity of a drug that is suspended in solution you can use this calculator to determine how much volume of the solution you should give.
  • Temperature Conversion - converts F - C and C - F
  • Transfusion - Given a current and desired PCV, determine the necessary volume of donor blood product
  • Weight Conversion - converts between kg / g / lbs / oz

Other Features:

  • Information sheets for calculators describe how and why to use each calculator

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