Equine Reproduction Service

The Equine Reproduction Service now offers field service visits to your facility. Please inquire at 530-752-0290 to see if you are located in our service area.


Equine Reproduction Service

(530) 752-0290

UC Davis Health Science District
1 Garrod Drive
Davis, California

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Welcome to the Equine Reproduction Service at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. Faculty and resident veterinarians in the service provide routine and advanced reproductive care to patients at the VMTH.

Services provided for mares include diagnostic work-ups on infertile mares, artificial insemination, ultrasonographic pregnancy diagnosis, twin reduction, pregnant mare care, obstetrics, and foaling management. In addition, our clinicians manage mares experiencing dystocia (difficult foaling), working in close collaboration with veterinarians specializing in surgery, neonatology, critical patient care and anesthesia.

Services provided for stallions include fertility evaluation, investigation of infertility, stallion breeding management, semen collection and evaluation, preparation and shipment of cooled semen, and freezing of semen. Also available are advanced reproductive technologies, including transvaginal aspiration of oocytes, ICSI, embryo transfer and collection and freezing of epididymal sperm.

Clinical Activities and Procedures

Medical/Obstetrics Services

A board-certified veterinary specialist in the obstetrics area of theriogenology and a veterinary technician are always available at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, where we can evaluate horses with medical needs such as:

  • Dystocia
  • Healthy broodmare management when accompanying sick foals
  • Late twin reduction
  • Fetal loss
  • Retained placenta
  • Endometrial cysts
  • Reproductive system tumors
  • High-risk pregnancy monitoring and foal watch
  • All manner of stallion fertility complaints

Reproduction Services

A board-certified veterinary specialist in reproduction area of theriogenology and a veterinary technician are always available at the Center for Equine Health, where we can evaluate horses with reproductive needs such as:

  • Mare breeding management
  • Pregnancy evaluations
  • Early twin reduction
  • Mare infertility evaluations
  • Healthy pregnant mare foal-watch
  • Embryo transfers services
  • Stallion semen collection and processing for shipment
  • Stallion semen freezing
  • Stallion training for semen collection
  • Stallion infertility evaluations
  • Limited space for select breeding stallions “to stand”

Advanced Equine Assisted Reproduction (visit laboratory website)

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) technology requires technical skills that are typically not offered by veterinary practices and include aspiration of immature or mature eggs from mares using ultrasound-guided transvaginal aspiration (TVA) of follicles, in vitro culture of the eggs, micromanipulation and microinjection of eggs with a single selected sperm, and laboratory embryo culture, freezing, and transfer to synchronized recipient mares. Successful production of healthy foals is now routine from valuable mares and the ICSI technique has been commercially successful from several centers in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

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Pouya Dini, DVM, PhD, PhD, DECAR, DACT
Chief of Service


Ghislaine Dujovne, DVM, MS, DACT

Daniela Orellana

Daniela Orellana, DVM, MS, DACT
Staff Veterinarian


Catherine Renaudin, DVM, DECAR
Staff Veterinarian



Kornelia Omyla, DVM
Resident I


Soledad Martin, DVM
Resident II



Nicole Wheeler
Animal Health Technician


Alysa Ortega
Animal Health Technician