Emergency and Critical Care Service - Intensive Care Unit


Emergency and Critical Care Service - Intensive Care Unit

Telephone: (530) 752-1393

UC Davis Health Science District
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Davis, California

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Emergency and Critical Care Service - Intensive Care Unit

Welcome to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, where we provide ongoing care for critically ill or injured dogs and cats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Veterinarians are on duty around the clock to monitor and care for patients in the ICU. Our board-certified faculty specialists lead the team, and provide the highest level of critical care to your pet.

Clinical Activities and Procedures
Critical care at the VMTH is provided through the Steve C. Haskins Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Established in 1975, and dedicated to Dr. Haskins in 2014, it is one of the longest-running veterinary critical care centers in the United States.

One of the goals of Critical Care is to provide immediate initial recognition, evaluation and care of patients with acute illness and injury, and continued care for critically ill patients. Our specialists strive to pursue the extension and preservation of life, and to promote the well-being of our patients through the relief of suffering and restoration of health.

To achieve our goals, the ICU is staffed by a team of board-certified faculty specialists in critical care, staff veterinarians, resident veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary students. Many of our technicians are members of the Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians (membership is granted by specialty-certifying examination). The ICU is always open to direct patient care to direct patient care and consult as needed.

The VMTH's state-of-the-art ICU can accommodate eight to 14 patients, depending on patient size and the level of care required. The ICU has five oxygen cages, cardiac monitors, intravenous fluid pumps, syringe pumps, diagnostic ultrasound, mechanical ventilators and advanced hemodynamic monitoring capabilities, including direct arterial blood pressure, cardiac output and continuous electrocardiography. The ICU is also equipped with a laboratory to measure blood gases, electrolytes, lactate, hemoglobin, colloid osmotic pressure, osmolality, activated clotting times and creatinine.

Few facilities have the resources to provide patient care on the level of the VMTH's ICU, such as: the ability to provide long-term ventilatory support for patients unable to effectively breathe on their own; managing patients with multiple organ disorders; and providing postoperative support to patients that have undergone craniotomies (brain surgery) or cardiothoracic surgery. The ICU also provides ideal pain control protocols individualized to each patient and optimizing fluid therapy and balance using crystalloids and colloids as well as blood products is a particular focus of the ICU.


Steven Epstein, DVM, DACVECC - Chief of Service
Jamie Burkitt, DVM, DACVECC
Kate Farrell, DVM, DACVECC
Kate Hopper, BVSc, MVS, PhD, DACVECC - Director, Small Animal Clinic
Karl Jandrey, DVM, MAS, DACVECC - Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Programs

House Officers

Anna Bank, DVM - Resident II
Hugo Chiron-Valentin - Resident I
Lindsay Henao, DVM - Resident III
Caleb Kemnitz, DVM - Resident I
Lara Manzano Culebras, DVM - Resident I
Kristina Millar, DVM - Resident III
Justine Oriel, DVM - Resident II
Alba Planas Vintro, DVM - Resident II


Cheryl Primas, Service Manager

Brenda Keegan, RVT Assistant Manager

Julie Baker RVT, VTS (ECC) Supervisor

Lashell Alpaugh, RVT

Kathy Baldwin, RVT

Jennie Cerqueira, RVT

Ashlee Elkins

Taylor Gunn

Amanda Hodges, RVT

Paula Howell, RVT VTS (ECC)

Katie Shippen, RVT

Samantha Stanley, RVT

Diana Taylor, RVT

Elaine Wireman, RVT

Gabby Williams, RVT

Lori Simington, RVT

Debbie Davis, laboratory assistant