Dr. Bannasch (left) receives the International Canine Health Award.
Dr. Danika Bannasch (left) receives the International Canine Health Award.

Dr. Danika Bannasch Honored with International Canine Health Award

Dr. Danika Bannasch, a renowned geneticist from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, recently received an International Canine Health Award for her role in transforming dog health.

As some of Europe’s most prestigious veterinary honors, the awards were organized by the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and held on May 30 at the De Vere Beaumont Estate in Windsor. Each of the five winners were given prize money to further their work in the field of canine research, underwritten by a major gift from Vernon and Shirley Hill of Metro Bank.

Bannasch received £40,000 for the International Award, recognizing her significant contributions to developments in canine genetics. She has been responsible for the development of genetic tests for seven different canine diseases, including the hormonal defect hyperadrenocorticism and the bone development condition chondrodystrophy. Chondrodystrophy and associated intervertebral disk diseases (IVDD) affect millions of dogs world wide and cause severe pain and suffering in those dogs, resulting in paralysis or expensive surgical intervention in some cases. The identification of the mutation responsible allows the possibility of reducing, or even eliminating IVDD in dog breeds through the use of genetic testing.

After receiving her award, Bannasch said: “This is an incredible honour. I have devoted my life to dog genetics and I hope that in the long run, fewer dogs will suffer from conditions that are preventable by genetics and genetic testing.”

Vernon Hill, Founder and Chairman of Metro Bank, and Shirley Hill, whose foundation underwrites the awards commented: “Congratulations to all the 2019 International Canine Health Award winners. It is now the premier, global veterinary award. We are pleased to recognise such talented and inspirational individuals that work tirelessly to improve the health and welfare of canines and humans alike, all across theworld.”

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