dog getting radiation treatment on linear accelerator at UC Davis veterinary hospital
A veterinary student assists a dog receiving a radiation treatment on the linear accelerator at the UC Davis veterinary hospital.

We Have A Lot to Learn from Dogs Fighting Cancer

When it comes to dog years, cancer can have a big impact. Dogs 10 years and older have a 50% chance of dying from cancer, and human oncologists are studying the disease in canines in the hopes of benefiting both animals and humans.

Thanks to its unique partnership with the country’s top-ranked UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center is one of the few institutions to study what the National Cancer Institute (NCI) calls comparative oncology.

Now, UC Davis has received the first NCI grant in the country to fund a comparative oncology training program, which was launched on August 1, 2020.

Read full article in UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center's magazine, Synthesis

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