Dr. Cindy Trice DVM '04

Dr. Cindy Trice, DVM '04

Relief Veterinarian, Entrepreneur, Survivor, Leader.

Dr. Cindy Trice, a distinguished alumna of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, embodies the spirit of innovation, compassion, and entrepreneurialism within the field of veterinary medicine. Graduating in 2004, her journey since then has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to making a profound impact on both human and animal lives.

Dr. Cindy Trice DVM '04

With over two decades of experience as a multi-state licensed relief veterinarian, Dr. Trice has traversed various facets of veterinary practice, from general care to emergency services, mobile clinics, and shelters. Her diverse experiences have not only honed her clinical skills but also instilled in her a deep understanding of the dynamic needs and challenges within the profession.

In 2018, Dr. Trice's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to enhancing veterinary care culminated in the founding of Relief Rover a groundbreaking platform designed to connect relief veterinarians and technicians with job opportunities and vital resources. Under her visionary leadership, Relief Rover quickly garnered recognition and was eventually acquired by Hound, where Dr. Trice assumed the role of Chief Veterinary Officer, further solidifying her position as a trailblazer in the industry.

Beyond her contributions to veterinary medicine, Dr. Trice's philanthropic endeavors and personal triumphs underscore her unwavering commitment to serving others. Inspired by her own battle with cancer, she founded KickIt Pajamas, a clothing company dedicated to designing comfortable and empowering sleepwear for women undergoing treatment and recovery from cancer or other medical conditions. Through this venture, she has not only provided tangible support to cancer patients but also championed a message of resilience and self-care.

Residing in Bradenton, FL, with her husband and their trio of affectionately termed "long and low" dogs, Dr. Trice leads a life characterized by passion, purpose, and adventure. Whether volunteering her time, concocting culinary delights in the kitchen, plotting her next travel escapade, or indulging in her quirky hobby of crafting rap lyrics for hamsters, she approaches each endeavor with boundless enthusiasm and creativity.

Dr. Trice credits being part of the first UC Davis Veterinary Student Leadership Training Program run by Drs. Donald Klingborg and Peter Weinstein the weeks before starting vet school for laying the groundwork for her eventual journey into leadership. Lifelong relationships were formed in that program that are still a huge part of her professional network today.

Dr. Trice's profound belief in the transformative power of relief work is encapsulated in her own words: “Relief work is such a vital part of the wellbeing of our profession. The variety and flexibility of this type of practice can be useful for many stages in a veterinary professional’s career and facilitate family responsibilities, financial goals, examination of other disciplines, or life aspirations.” Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and exploration has seen her traverse 34 countries with plans for many more, each journey enriching her understanding of the world and deepening her appreciation for the interconnectedness of life.

In a delightful anecdote, Dr. Trice fondly recalls an encounter with supermodel Cindy Crawford, who once winked at her in recognition of their shared name—an unexpected moment of levity that serves as a testament to the remarkable and colorful tapestry of her life.

Dr. Cindy Trice stands as an exemplar of resilience, compassion, and ingenuity, inspiring colleagues, and friends alike to reach greater heights and make a lasting difference in the world.

Learn more about Cindy’s endeavors:

Relief Rover: www.reliefrover.com

Hound: www.hound.vet

Kickit Pajamas: www.kickitpajamas.com


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