2017 School of Veterinary Medicine Fall Faculty Reception

At the Fall Faculty Reception new faculty were introduced and welcomed into the school’s community, faculty teaching and research awards presented and volunteers honored for their service. This year’s award recipients included:

Dr. Verena Affolter

Dr. Verena Affolter

Verena Affolter 2017 VMTH Clinical Faculty Excellence Award

Dr. Verena Affolter receives the 2017 VMTH Clinical Faculty Excellence Award for her efficient leadership, compassionate approach and in-depth service to the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH) team and clients through the Anatomic Pathology Service. As chief of service, Affolter ensures staff, faculty, clinicians, and clients are all in to provide the best health care possible for VMTH animal patients. She has initiated dynamic changes in the biopsy service over the past seven years including implementing a faster turn-around time, increasing pathology participation in hospital rounds and separating biopsy and necropsy duties to improve services.

Affolter has co-written the top rated text on veterinary dermatopathology and her international presence includes teaching at European College of Veterinary Pathologists (ECVP) workshops around the world and research presentations at national and international meetings. Affolter embodies all aspects of the faculty award for clinical excellence. She is a world-renowned dermatopathologist who contributes daily to the surgical pathology service in her specialty area.

Dr. Jim DeLano

Dr. Jim DeLano

Jim Delano 2017 School of Veterinary Medicine Distinguished Service Award 

Dr. Jim DeLano is recognized for his sustained, stellar contributions to the four-year Professional Skills course in the DVM curriculum. Enlisted by Dr. Jim Clark as a volunteer in 2010, DeLano has steadfastly contributed his expertise in communication and business practices to our professional students. 

With over 25 years of practice experience, Delano has developed excellent client communication and business skills. He contributes more than 40 hours annually with 3rd year students on business skills, including review of comprehensive personal business plans developed by each student. In VET440 (Business & Communication Skills Block), he leads the mock salary negotiation laboratory session, which requires recruiting a team of veterinarians to role play as ‘employers’. Motivated by a strong desire to support the success of our future veterinary colleagues, DeLano is an enthusiastic champion cultivating these important practice skills in our graduates

Barbara J. Kerr

Barbara J. Kerr

Barbara J. Kerr 2017 School of Veterinary Medicine Distinguished Service Award

Ms. Barbara Kerr receives the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine’s 2017 Distinguished Service Award in recognition for her outstanding service as a member of the Dean’s Leadership Council, an advisory and advocacy board for the school. As an integral member of the Council since 2010 she has contributed her time, knowledge, leadership skills, and passion for program planning and philanthropic initiatives. Building upon her organizational design expertise she assisted the council in evolving and further defining the council’s purpose and structure in context to the upcoming capital campaign. Kerr has recently accepted the position of volunteer chair for the school’s Veterinary Medical Center Campaign. In this new role she will work with the school’s leadership and development team on campaign initiatives and represent the school on the UC Davis Foundation's Global Campaign Leadership Council, part of the university's comprehensive campaign. 

Helen E. Raybould

Dr. Helen E. Raybould

Helen E. Raybould 2017 Zoetis Excellence in Research Award

Professor Helen Raybould, receives the 2017 Zoetis Excellence in Research Award for her outstanding research clarifying the relationship between long term changes in the macronutrient content of the diet, how that influences the gut microbiome and how their interactions influence obesity and gut inflammatory responses.

With nearly 3 decades of continuous NIH and other grant support, Raybould continues to investigate the inter-relationships of diet, gut microbiota, intestinal barrier function, and the neural regulation of satiety in the genesis of obesity. Recent work has demonstrated that diet induced obesity changes afferent neural input to the brain attenuating satiety and contributing to increased consumption

Without equivocation, Raybould is regarded as a leader in the field of gut brain interaction.  Her work is published in top tier journals, reflects mentorship of trainees, and attracts numerous invited speaking opportunities all over the world.

Dr. Clare Yellowley

Dr. Clare Yellowley

Clare Yellowley 2017 Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award

Dr. Clare Yellowley is recognized for excellence in teaching histology and cell biology of cartilage, muscle and bone to both professional DVM and graduate students as well as for superb block leadership in VET403.

Yellowley teaches early in the DVM curriculum in VET401 and VET403 with goals of maintaining student excitement and enthusiasm for learning, while instilling core knowledge and aiding the development of critical thinking skills. Her passion and ability to connect with students as well as her well organized lectures are highly touted.

Not only is Yellowley’s teaching superb but VET403 is considered one of the best organized blocks in the curriculum, well-paced with material easily applied, largely due to her leadership and collegial approach. Recognizing that integration is key, Yellowley has introduced discussion sessions that take place early in each week, bringing together faculty who have recently delivered material to field conceptual problems.