Disease Discovery in Kittens May Affect Treatment

The two most common causes of death in kittens are diarrhea and severe upper respiratory tract infections. Thanks to a Center for Companion Animal Health grant, UC Davis veterinary scientists have made a small discovery that may give veterinarians a better understanding of one of those issues.

Mentorship Leads to Award-Winning Research

With the largest and most diverse resident training program in the country, UC Davis is able to offer exceptional research opportunities. This unique ability to conduct research during a residency can have profound impact on veterinarians and can shape their career decisions.

Laser Upgrade

Aubrey, an adorable Labrador retriever, suffered from incontinence since her birth in 2020. Because adopters were reluctant to deal with this messy condition, Aubrey was surrendered to a rescue. She was ultimately diagnosed with an ectopic ureter (an abnormal tube from kidney to bladder).

A Different Kind of Jaws Story

Whether surfing on the way to collecting specimens of arthritic sea lion jaws or being inducted into a professional society normally reserved for physicians, the veterinarian Dr. Boaz Arzi approaches his career and life with equal parts passion and creativity.

Prompt Response Helps Dog Survive Rattlesnake Bite

Jack, a 10-year-old Jack Russell terrier/Chihuahua mix, was enjoying his family’s rural property in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains when he was bitten on the face by a rattlesnake. Thankfully, owner Andrea Colbert witnessed the attack and took immediate action.