Clinical Trials Saving Kittens

Chunk was just a tiny kitten when he was brought to the UC Davis veterinary hospital where he was enrolled in a CCAH-funded clinical trial studying various treatments for ringworm.

Celebrating A Decade Cancer Free

Tiddles was a 4-year-old Papillon when he was diagnosed in 2011 with a brain tumor. His referring veterinarian gave him approximately 2 months to live. Other documented cases showed that, even with innovative treatments, he would probably not survive more than a year or two. But thanks to research, equipment, and treatments made possible by the donors to the Center for Companion Animal Health, Tiddles beat the odds. He recently turned 15 and is celebrating a decade of being cancer free.

UC Davis Veterinary Hospital Opens Stomatitis Clinic

The Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service at the UC Davis veterinary hospital is opening a monthly Stomatitis Clinic to better serve patients suffering from this oral disease and provide them with cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic options.