In Memoriam: Dr. Peter Schantz

Dr. Peter Schantz

In Memoriam: Dr. Peter Schantz

Dr. Peter Schantz, 82, of Atlanta, GA died July 26, 2022, of Alzheimer’s disease. A veterinarian and epidemiologist, Dr. Schantz devoted his professional life to the control and eradication of animal-to-human (zoonotic) diseases.

At the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, he was the first student to earn a PhD in epidemiology and parasitology under the mentorship of Calvin Schwabe, widely known as the father of veterinary epidemiology.

Dr. Schantz was a leader in veterinary parasitology fields, publishing more than 350 scientific articles and academic book chapters in his career. He mentored numerous students, particularly veterinary students with an interest in public health.

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