Remembering Dr. Robert Bushnell


Remembering Dr. Robert Bushnell

Dr. Robert "Bob" Bushnell passed away at his home in Granite Bay, California at the age of 91. He enjoyed a lifetime of working in agriculture.

A graduate of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1956, Bushnell was the UC Extension Beef Veterinarian and then transferred to the Extension Dairy Veterinarian position later in his career. While working in beef cattle, he played a major role in the start of Foothill Abortion research. He also assisted in the development of the Redwater vaccine. While working with dairy farms, he was a recognized leader on bovine mastitis, milk quality and dairy food safety. Under Bushnell's direction, the first California mobile laboratory for investigation of mastitis/food-safety problems was established at the SVM, where procedures were developed for controlling mastitis in the field. He received an agricultural engineering award for establishing new dairy industry standards for sanitation, modern milking, and pasteurization equipment.

Bushnell was honored by the school in 2017 with the Distinguished Achievement Award. He also received the 1994 Distinguished Service Award from the American Association of Bovine Practitioners for his many years of service and contribution to dairy cattle health, and a safe and wholesome milk supply.

He enjoyed working with fellow researchers and students at the school and cherished the relationships he had with producers in the beef and dairy industries.   

After retirement, Bushnell purchased a rice and row crop farm in Colusa to continue his love of agriculture. He also volunteered time in Armenia after the fall of the Soviet Union to rebuild their animal agriculture industry.  

He was loved and treasured by his family of five children, 10 grandchildren, and his wife of 70 years.

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