Study Reveals How the Ovarian Reserve Is Established

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Female mammals have a limited number of follicles that came form eggs, called the ovarian reserve. New work at UC Davis shows that the PRC1 gene complex is responsible for establishing the ovarian reserve and plays a role in fertility. (Mengwen Hu, UC Davis)

Study Reveals How the Ovarian Reserve Is Established

Fertility is finite for mammalian females. From birth, females possess a limited number of primordial follicles, collectively called the ovarian reserve. Within each follicle is an oocyte that eventually becomes an egg. But with age, the follicles in the ovarian reserve decrease.

School of Veterinary Medicine Researcher Richard Schultz is among a team of UC Davis scientists and others who recently published their work defining the epigenetic machinery that governs the establishment and function of the mammalian ovarian reserve, providing molecular insights into female reproductive health and lifespan.

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