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Statement from Dean Mark Stetter

Faculty, Staff, and Students:

I write to you today to share my concerns regarding the horrific events in Israel from the last week and the war now in progress, and to provide our support and sympathy for those in our community who may have family or friends affected. I encourage you also to read the messages from President Drake and Regents Chair Leib and Chancellor May.

Terrorism warrants our strongest condemnation. The terrorist attacks and the situation with hundreds of hostages are inconceivable. The resulting war is claiming innocent lives on all sides. It is important that you join me in supporting our local and international community as we share our outrage, mourn together and keep all victims and those in danger in our hearts. 

We have already reached out to our students and increased our support systems. This includes our counselors who have made themselves more available to ensure the shortest wait times possible for appointments. You can find out more about the services here.

For our staff and faculty, please know that we also have support services that can be reached at  the campus’s Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP).

Unfortunately, this situation will not be resolved quickly. It is possible that these global events will also impact us locally. I urge everyone to be on alert and ensure your personal safety. Please review these safety tips from the university police.

Please keep family and friends who have been directly touched by this tragedy in your daily thoughts, and offer compassion and assistance as needed. We send our prayers to those innocent people who are being affected, and hope for a peaceful resolution.

Mark Stetter

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