Wellness Initiatives

Wellness Initiatives

Wake up for Wellness

Held several times a semester to promote self-care and wellness, boost morale, and build a sense of community with our DVM students. Hosted by the Career, Leadership and Wellness Center, in conjunction with the VetMed Health & Wellness Club, the event offers an opportunity to foster relationships while enjoying a morning snack and a cup of coffee.

Massage Day

A popular event where DVM students enjoy a 5 minute chair massage. It's a great way for students to relieve stress and feel rejuvenated. At every Massage Day, 100% of the participants say "they would attend the event again".


Through a grant from Healthy UC Davis, we received 200 JOOL App licenses for students, faculty and staff. JOOL is a new science-driven, personal life coach, that starts out with a very simple, powerful question: What do you want to work on? (Purpose, Balance, Stress, Energy, Willpower). Like with a life coach, users record the ups and downs in their day. Over time, JOOL will connect the dots -- using powerful data algorithms – (analyzing your Sleep, Presence, Activity, Creativity and Eating) to uncover what enables users to reach their goals. Our School is excited to embark on this journey as students, faculty and staff use the tool to improve their life Purpose and live a more balanced and healthy life! A 60-day study is being conducted by UC Davis, but users have access to the JOOL App for one year.

UC Davis Walking Loops

The following walking loops have been made possible by Healthy UC Davis. Everyone is encouraged to enjoy! Learn more.
Health Sciences Loop - 1 mile
This loop starts at the Valley Hall patio area and goes through the Arboretum.

Stride for Aggie Pride 5K
This scenic 5K loop, starts in front of VM3B, and winds through the campus.

VetMed Health & Wellness Club at UC Davis

This important club "provides resources and opportunities for self-care and creates a collaborative community amongst veterinary students to  promote physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being".

The club supports students in a variety of ways:

  • Weekly activities: yoga-stretch, meditation, kickbox detox and crafts circle.
  • Speakers and webinars.
  • Fun social activities: hikes, rock climbing, farmer’s market, corn maze, wine tasting, ice cream days, field game days, cooking classes, and potlucks.
  • Wellness representatives: each class has 3-5 representatives to offer support and provide information on resources to DVM students. The representatives work with the School of Veterinary Medicine's administration on wellness initiatives while also sharing student concerns and helping to disperse information

For more information on activities visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/746502622144280/