Prerequisites Database - Transferable Courses

Transferable Courses

Admission to the School of Veterinary Medicine requires completion of specific prerequisite courses taken at a regionally accredited college or university. Our Prerequisites Database contains articulation agreements with pre-approved courses (or "transferrable" courses), offered at many California colleges and universities. Some out-of-state colleges and universities are listed as well. NOTE: No articulation agreement exists for statistics; we accept ANY course in statistics.

1. Look for your institution in our database.

  • California colleges and universities are listed in the alphabetical categories (below).
  • Out-of-state schools are listed in their own category (below).

2. If your institution is listed

  • You must take the courses listed on the articulation agreement for your school; no other courses have been approved.
  • If you find the information on the articulation agreement to be outdated or incorrect, please contact us via email at

3. If your institution is not listed

  • Lower division prerequisites are usually easy to articulate on your own and do not require pre-approval unless the the course title(s) or sequence(s) is non-standard.
  • Submit a prerequisites substitution request form for the three upper division courses (Biochemistry, Genetics, & Physiology). Make sure to review your college’s course numbering system to be sure you are only submitting a course substitution form for upper division courses. Please note: A combined anatomy/physiology course will not satisfy the Physiology requirement unless it’s taken as an upper division two-semester sequence.
  • You may take any course in statistics (calculus will not satisfy the requirement). A course substitution form is not necessary to evaluate statistics.

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