Alex A Ardans - Professor Emeritus

Alex A Ardans - Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus

Medicine & Epidemiology

1963, BS, University of California, Davis,
1965, DVM, University of California, Davis,
1969, MS, University of Minnesota, St. Paul,
Ten Recent Publications

Kinde, H, Mikolon, A, Rodriguez-Lainz, A, Adams, C, Walker, RL, Cernek-Hoskins, S, Treviso, S, Ginsberg, M, Rast, R, Harris, B, Payeur, JB, Waterman, S, Ardans, A
Recovery of Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, and Mycobacterium bovis from cheese entering the United States through a noncommercial land port of entry.

Anthenill, LA, Stover, SM, Gardner, IA, Hill, AE, Lee, CM, Anderson, ML, Barr, BC, Read, DH, Johnson, BJ, Woods, LW, Daft, BM, Kinde, H, Moore, JD, Farman, CA, Odani, JS, Pesavento, PA, Uzal, FA, Case, JT, Ardans, AA
Association between findings on palmarodorsal radiographic images and detection of a fracture in the proximal sesamoid bones of forelimbs obtained from cadavers of racing Thoroughbreds.

Kinde, H, Hullinger, PJ, Charlton, B, McFarland, M, Hietala, SK, Velez, V, Case, JT, Garber, L, Wainwright, SH, Mikolon, AB, Breitmeyer, RE, Ardans, AA
The isolation of exotic Newcastle disease (END) virus from nonpoultry avian species associated with the epidemic of END in chickens in southern California: 2002-2003.

Castellan, DM, Kinde, H, Kass, PH, Cutler, G, Breitmeyer, RE, Bell, DD, Ernst, RA, Kerr, DC, Little, HE, Willoughby, D, Riemann, HP, Ardans, A, Snowdon, JA, Kuney, DR
Descriptive study of California egg layer premises and analysis of risk factors for Salmonella enterica serotype enteritidis as characterized by manure drag swabs.

Kinde, H, Castellan, DM, Kass, PH, Ardans, A, Cutler, G, Breitmeyer, RE, Bell, DD, Ernst, RA, Kerr, DC, Little, HE, Willoughby, D, Riemann, HP, Snowdon, JA, Kuney, DR
The occurrence and distribution of Salmonella enteritidis and other serovars on California egg laying premises: a comparison of two sampling methods and two culturing techniques.