Bart C Weimer


Population Health & Reproduction

4023 VM3B, Davis, CA 95616

1990, PhD, Utah State University,
1986, BS, University of Arizona,
1993, Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Melbourne (Australia), Melbourne Austraila
Active Research Grants
Co-Principal Investigator, Salmonella genomics in food and health, Goodridge, L (Principal Investigator), Genome Canada
Principal Investigator, Investigations of the Effects of Formulations on Skin, (Principal Investigator), GOJO Ind.
Principal Investigator, Genetic Diversity of Campylobactor in food and the environment, (Principal Investigator), Zoetis
Principal Investigator, Nitrogen Fixation Bacteria, (Principal Investigator), USDA/NIFA
Honors and Awards
1995 President, Institute for Food Technology, Bonneville Section
1995 Researcher of the Year, Utah State University, College of Family Life
1996 Winder Chair in Food Sciences, Utah State University, Nutrition & Food Sciences
1999 Researcher of the Year, Utah State University, College of Family Life
2001-2004 Winder Chair in Food Sciences, Utah State University, Nutrition & Food Sciences
2002 Inducted into International Who's Who Historical Society
2003 Inducted into Empire Who's Who
2006 Iducted into Academic Keys Who's Who in Agriculture Higher Education
2008 Researcher of the Year, Utah State University, Nutrition & Food Sciences
2010 Best Agronomic Paper, Canadian Agronomic Society
2010-2013 Agilent Thought Leader Award
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2019 Kaufman JH, Elkins CA, Davis M, Weis AM, Huang BC, Mammel MK, Patel IR, Beck KL, Edlund S, Chambliss D, Douglas J, Bianco S, Kunitomi M, Weimer BC : Insular Microbiogeography, Chapter 4, Marco D, (ed), Microbial Ecology: Current Advances from Genomics, Metagenomics and Other Omics, . .
2017 Bellesia F, Pinetti A, Simon-Sarkadi L, Zucchi C, Csapó J, Weimer BC, Caglioti L, Pályi G : Amino acids as food quality factors in Parmigiano Reggiano hard cheese, Chapter 19, Gyula Pályi, Róbert Kurdi, Claudia Zucch, (ed), Advances in Asymmetric Autocatalysis and Related Topic, New York, New York. 357-367.
2017 Ganesan B, Weimer BC : Amino Acid Catabolism and Its Relationship to Cheese Flavor Outcomes, Chapter 19, Fox PF, McSweeney PLH, Everett DW, Cotter P, (ed), Cheese: Chemistry, Physics & Microbiology Volume 1, 4th Edition, . 483-516.
2016 Ganesan B, Weimer BC : Biotechnology of flavor formation in fermented dairy products, Chapter 4, Havkin-Frenkel D, Dudai N, (ed), Biotechnology in Flavor Production, 2nd Edition ISBN 978-1-118-35406-3, . 133-158.
2014 Forquin M-P, Weimer BC : Brevibacterium, Batt C, Tortorello M, (ed), Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology, 2nd edition, London. 324-30.
Research Focus
My research program is focused on population genomics of bacteria and ecological selection that leads to host association, pathogenesis, and long-term persistance that lead to induced metabolic shifts. This programmatic theme is supported by a variety of areas of interest:
  • Population genomics in bacteria - 100K Pathogen Genome Project
  • Molecular ecology of pathogenic bacteria in food, animals, and the environment;
  • Molecular diagnostics development using genomics and solid phase capture;
  • Metagenomics of food, environments, humans, and animals;
  • DNA/RNA modification in bacteria;
  • Immune system interaction with pathogens at membranes - Stem cell/pathogen assoication via population genomics and metabolic shifts that induce host changes;
  • Metabolism of pathogens during infection;
  • Computational estimation of regulatory networks for metabolic control analysis using flux, gene expression ane metabolomics
Specialty Focus
Microbiology, systems biology, infectious disease, genomics, genomic diversity, antimicrobial resistance