Beverly K Sturges

Beverly K Sturges

Professor Emeritus

Surgical & Radiological Sciences

1402 Tupper Hall, Davis, CA 95616

State Licensure - California
License to practice veterinary medicine in Australia
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Neurology)
State Licensure - Oregon
State Licensure - Washington
1986, DVM, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
1979, BS, Andrews University,
1988, MS, Oregon State University,
1998, DACVIM (Neurology), Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, University of California, Davis
2009, MAS, University of California, Davis, CA
Active Research Grants
Co-Investigator, Development of PET imaging biomarkers to predict enhanced glioblastoma radiotherapy by a novel H-NOX oxygen carrier , A. Krtolica (Principal Investigator), National Institutes of Health
Co-Investigator, Developing the English bulldog as a naturally occurring model of spina bifida, Aijun Wang (Principal Investigator), Shriner's
Principal Investigator, Neurophysiologically based brain state tracking & modulation in focal epilepsy, (Principal Investigator), NIH
Co-Principal Investigator, Stem Cell-Based Treatment of Spina Bifida in English Bulldogs, Borjesson (Principal Investigator), CCAH
Co-Principal Investigator, Image-guided neuronavigated transsphenoidal hypophysectomy for treatment of hypersomatotropism, Chai-Fei Li (Principal Investigator), CCAH
Co-Investigator, Testing the safety and efficacy of stem cell treatment for canine Myasthenia Gravis, Dori Borjesson (Principal Investigator), CCAH
Honors and Awards
1978 Certificate of Achievement as Student Teacher to Ivory Coast, West Africa
1979 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities
1983 Dean's List, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
1984 Dean's List, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
1986 American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Award for Outstanding Clinical Proficiency in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery
1993 Honorary license to practice medicine in Federated States of Micronesia; awarded for voluntary medical work performed on outer atolls with project Canvasback
2014 Faculty Clinical Excellence and Achievement Award
2015 AAVC (American Association of Veterinary Clinicians) Faculty Achievement Award
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2019 Sturges, BK and Li, Chai-Fei : Diagnosis and Treatment of Atlantoaxial Subluxation, Bonagura JD, Twedt DC, (ed), Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy XVI, 2nd Edition, , . .
2018 Sturges, BK : Atlantoaxial Instability, Etienne Cote, (ed), Clinical Veterinary Advisor: Dogs and Cats, 4th Edition, . .
2017 Sturges BK, Dickinson PJ : Chapter 35: Cranial Surgery, S Johnston and K Tobias, (ed), TJ Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal, . 203-225.
2014 Sturges BK : Atlantoaxial Instability, Etienne Cote, (ed), Clinical Veterinary Advisor: Dogs and Cats, 3rd Edition, . .
2013 Sturges BK : Diagnosis and Treatment of Atlantoaxial Subluxation, Bonagura JD, Twedt DC, (ed), Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy XV, 1st Edition, . .
Research Focus

Clinical Studies: Surgical treatment of canine brain tumors Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury in dogs Epilepsy and seizure definition in dogs

Specialty Focus

Neurology and neurosurgery

Ten Recent Publications

Batcher K, Dickinson P, Giuffrida M, Sturges B, Vernau K, Knipe M, Rasouliha SH, Drögemüller C, Leeb T, Maciejczyk K, Jenkins CA, Mellersh C, Bannasch D
Phenotypic Effects of FGF4 Retrogenes on Intervertebral Disc Disease in Dogs.

Dixon A, Chen A, Rossmeisl JH, Sturges B, Vernau K, Levine JM, Otamendi A, Early P, Partnow A, Curtis L, Thomovsky S, Packer RA, Mauler DA
Surgical decompression, with or without adjunctive therapy, for palliative treatment of primary vertebral osteosarcoma in dogs

Arami H, Patel CB, Madsen SJ, Dickinson PJ, Davis RM, Zeng Y, Sturges BK, Woolard KD, Habte FG, Akin D, Sinclair R, Gambhir SS
Nanomedicine for Spontaneous Brain Tumors: A Companion Clinical Trial

Mansour TA, Lucot K, Konopelski SE, Dickinson PJ, Sturges BK, Vernau KL, Choi S, Stern JA, Thomasy SM, Döring S, Verstraete FJM, Johnson EG, York D, Rebhun RB, Ho HH, Brown CT, Bannasch DL
Whole genome variant association across 100 dogs identifies a frame shift mutation in DISHEVELLED 2 which contributes to Robinow-like syndrome in Bulldogs and related screw tail dog breeds

Kremen V, Brinkmann BH, Kim I, Guragain H, Nasseri M, Magee AL, Pal Attia T, Nejedly P, Sladky V, Nelson N, Chang SY, Herron JA, Adamski T, Baldassano S, Cimbalnik J, Vasoli V, Fehrmann E, Chouinard T, Patterson EE, Litt B, Stead M, Van Gompel J, Sturges BK, Jo HJ, Crowe CM, Denison T, Worrell GA
Integrating Brain Implants With Local and Distributed Computing Devices: A Next Generation Epilepsy Management System

Brown EA, Dickinson PJ, Mansour T, Sturges BK, Aguilar M, Young AE, Korff C, Lind J, Ettinger CL, Varon S, Pollard R, Brown CT, Raudsepp T, Bannasch DL
FGF4 retrogene on CFA12 is responsible for chondrodystrophy and intervertebral disc disease in dogs

Sisó S, Marco-Salazar P, Moore PF, Sturges BK, Vernau W, Wisner ER, Bollen AW, Dickinson PJ, Higgins RJ
Canine Nervous System Lymphoma Subtypes Display Characteristic Neuroanatomical Patterns

Sutton JS, Garcia TC, Stover SM, Sturges BK, O'Donnell M, Kapatkin AS
Kinetic and kinematic gait analysis in the pelvic limbs of normal and post-hemilaminectomy Dachshunds