Bill Lasley

Professor Emeritus

Population Health & Reproduction

441-437CHE Labs, Davis, CA 95616

1963, BA, Chico State College, California,
1972, PhD, University of California, Davis,
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
1999 Hendrickx, AG, PE Peterson, GE Otianga-Owiti, AF Tarantal, J Dieter, BL Lasley and JW Overstreet : Endocrine and morphologic biomarkers of early pregnancy loss in macaques, GF Weinbuaer and R Korte, (ed), Reproduction in Nonhuman Primates: a Model for Human Reproductive Physiology and Toxicology, New York, Berlin. 111-136.
1997 Lasley, BL and SE Shideler : Primates, Nonhuman, , Encyclopedia of Reproduction, San Diego. 1058-1063.
1997 Lasley, BL : Reproductive system - female, , Encyclopedia of Toxicology Academic Press, San Diego. 23-38.
1996 Stewart, DR , ST Nakajima, JW Overstreet, SP Boyers and BL Lasley : Relaxin as a biomarker for human pregnancy detection, MacLennan, A, G Tregear and G Bryant-Greenwood, (ed), Proceedings of the 2nd International Congress on Hormone Relaxin, . .
1994 Gold, EB , BL Lasley and MB Schenker : Introduction: Rationale for an update, EB Gold, BL Lasley and MB Schenker, (ed), State of the Art Reviews: OccupationalCMedicine, Reproductive Hazards, Philadelphia. 363-372.
Ten Recent Publications

Windham, GC, D Lee, P Mitchell, M Anderson, M Petreas and BL Lasley
Exposure to organochlorine compounds (DDT/DEE and PCBs) and effects on ovarian function

Sutton-Tyrrell, K, R Wildman, KA Matthews, C Chae, B: Lasley, S Brockwell, RC Pasternak, D Lloyd-Jones, MF Sowers and JI Torrens
Sex hormone binding globulin and the free androgen index are related to CV risk factors in multi-ethnic pre and peri-menopausal women enrolled in The Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN)

Liu Y, Gold EB, Lasley BL, Johnson WO
Factors affecting menstrual cycle characteristics

Santoro N, Lasley B, McConnell D, Allsworth J, Crawford S, Gold EB, Finkelstein JS, Greendale GA, Kelsey J, Korenman S, Luborsky JL, Matthews K, Midgley R, Powell L, Sabatine J, Schocken M, Sowers MF, Weiss G
Body size and ethnicity are associated with menstrual cycle alterations in women in the early menopausal transition: The Study of Women's Health across the Nation (SWAN) Daily Hormone Study

Tang Y, Janssen WG, Hao J, Roberts JA, McKay H, Lasley B, Allen PB, Greengard P, Rapp PR, Kordower JH, Hof PR, Morrison JH
Estrogen replacement increases spinophilin-immunoreactive spine number in the prefrontal cortex of female rhesus monkeys

Venners SA, Wang X, Chen C, Wang L, Chen D, Guang W, Huang A, Ryan L, O'Connor J, Lasley B, Overstreet J, Wilcox A, Xu X
Paternal smoking and pregnancy loss: a prospective study using a biomarker of pregnancy

Liu Y, Johnson WO, Gold EB, Lasley BL
Bayesian analysis of risk factors for anovulation

Kasim-Karakas SE, Almario RU, Gregory L, Wong R, Todd H, Lasley BL
Metabolic and endocrine effects of a polyunsaturated fatty acid-rich diet in polycystic ovary syndrome