Bradley Main

Assistant Project Scientist

Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology

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2006, B.S., University of California, Davis, Davis, CA
2013, PhD, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Honors and Awards
2009 Outstanding TA Award
2014 J. Bittle Postdoctoral Travel Award
Research Focus
My research is focused on elucidating how genetic variation affects how disease-vectoring mosquitoes interact with their environment and with each other. In particular, I am interested in understanding the genetic basis of adaptive traits and how the frequency and distribution of adaptive alleles are influenced by population structure. For example, I am exploring the genetic basis of complex insecticide resistance and host preference in malaria transmitting mosquitoes in Africa (An. gambiae) and West nile virus transmitting mosquitoes in California (Culex tarsalis). My research expertise includes molecular biology, behavioral ecology, and bioinformatics involving high-throughput sequencing data.
Specialty Focus
Insecticide resistance in disease vectoring insects.
Ten Recent Publications

Grubaugh ND, Gangavarapu K, Quick J, Matteson NL, De Jesus JG, Main BJ, Tan AL, Paul LM, Brackney DE, Grewal S, Gurfield N, Van Rompay KK, AIsern S, Michael SF, Coffey LL, Loman NJ, Andersen KG
An amplicon-based sequencing framework for accurately measuring intrahost virus diversity using PrimalSeq and iVar

Hanemaaijer MJ, Collier TC, Chang A, Shott CC, Houston PD, Schmidt H, Main BJ, Cornel AJ, Lee Y, Lanzaro GC
The fate of genes that cross species boundaries after a major hybridization event in a natural mosquito population

Main BJ, Nicholson J, Winokur OC, Steiner C, Riemersma KK, Stuart J, Takeshita R, Krasnec M, Barker CM, and Coffey LL
Vector competence of Aedes aegypti, Culex tarsalis, and Culex quinquefasciatus from California for Zika virus

Moriuchi KS, Friesen ML, Cordeiro MA, Badri M, Vu WT, Main BJ, Aouani ME, Nuzhdin SV, Strauss SY, von Wettberg EJ
Salinity Adaptation and the Contribution of Parental Environmental Effects in Medicago truncatula

Main BJ, Lee Y, Ferguson HM, Kreppel KS, Kihonda A, Govella NJ, Collier TC, Cornel AJ, Eskin E, Kang EY, Nieman CC, Weakley AM, Lanzaro GC
The genetic basis of host preference and resting behavior in the major African malaria vector, Anopheles arabiensis.

Main BJ, Lee Y, Collier TC, Norris LC, Brisco K, Fofana A, Cornel AJ, Lanzaro GC
Complex genome evolution in Anopheles coluzzii associated with increased insecticide usage in Mali.

Lee Y, Marsden CD, Norris LC, Collier TC, Main BJ, Fofana A, Cornel AJ, Lanzaro G
Spatiotemporal dynamics of gene flow and hybrid fitness between the M and S forms of the malaria mosquito, Anopheles gambiae