C. Titus Brown

Associate Professor

Population Health & Reproduction

1997, B. A., Reed College, Portland, OR
2007, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2014 Preevanon L, Pyrkosz AB, Brown CT : Chapter 7: Reproducible bioinformatics research for biologists, Stodden V, Leisch F, Peng RD, (ed), Implementing Reproducible Research, . 185-206.
2004 Cameron RA, Rast JP, Brown CT : Chapter 30, Genomic Resources For The Study Of Sea Urchin Development, Ettensohn CA, Wray GA, Wessel GM, (ed), Methods In Cell Biology, Volume 74, . 733-757.
Research Focus
Data Intensive Biology