Christine Kreuder Johnson


Medicine & Epidemiology

1089 Veterinary Medicine Drive, VM3B, Davis, CA 95616

2003, PhD, University of California, Davis, California
2000, MPVM, University of California, Davis, California
1994, VMD, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1990, BS, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
Active Research Grants
Co-Principal Investigator, PREDICT 2 Pandemic Influenza and Other Emerging Threats, Mazet J (Principal Investigator), USAID
Trainer, International Research Scientist Development K01 award, Tierra Smiley Evans (post-doctoral researcher) (Principal Investigator), NIH Fogarty
Trainer, Epidemiologic Risk Investigation into Southern Sea Otters with Death due to Cardiomyopathy: An Integrated Model Approach, Megan Moriarty (graduate student) (Principal Investigator), Morris Animal Foundation
Principal Investigator, Exploration of novel biomarkers for repeated domoic acid exposure and associated chronic health impacts in at-risk southern sea otters (Enhydra lutris nereis), (Principal Investigator), Oiled Wildlife Care Network
Co-Investigator, Prediction of Spillover Potential and Interventional En Masse Animal Vaccination to Prevent Emerging Pathogen Threats in Cur-rent and Future Zones of US Military Operation, P Barry (Principal Investigator), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Honors and Awards
2008-2011 Appointed to Council of the Wildlife Disease Association
2012-2013 Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award, School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis
2016-2017 Chair of the Faculty, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2016 Quinn JH, Gabriel MW, Johnson CK: Pathogens and parasites in American badgers (Taxidea taxus), Proulx G, Do Linh San E, (ed), Badgers: Systematics, Biology, Conservation, and Research Techniques, Alberta, Canada. .
2011 Mazet JK, Johnson CK: Approaching health problems at the wildlife-domestic animal interface, Miller RE, Fowler ME, (ed), Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine: Current Therapy, St Louis. 153-60.
2002 Orsini JA, Kreuder C: Emergency medical and surgical principles and procedure, Diver TJ, Ornini JA, (ed), Manual of Equine Emergencies: Treatments and Procedures, Second Edition, Philadelphia. 1-128.
1998 Orsini JA, Kreuder C: Emergency medical and surgical principles and procedures, Divers TJ, Orsini JA, (ed), Equine Emergency Manual, Philadelphia. 1-92.
Research Focus
Wildlife epidemiology, with special emphasis on wildlife population health and emerging infectious diseases with significance to public health and global health security
Specialty Focus
Epidemiology, Disease Dynamics, Wildlife Health, Ecosystem Health, One Health