Danika Bannasch


Population Health & Reproduction

260 CCAH, Davis, CA 95616

1988, BS, University of California, Davis,
1994, PhD, Princeton University, Princeton, NewJersey
1998, DVM, University of California, Davis,
Active Research Grants
Principal Investigator, Poodle Allele Frequencies and Intervertebral Disc Disease, (Principal Investigator), Poodle Club of America Foundation
Principal Investigator, Phenotypic effects of FGF4 retrogenes on canine morphology, (Principal Investigator), CCAH
Co-Investigator, Genomic Profiling of Jack Russell Terriers with corneal endothelial dystrophy, Thomasy (Principal Investigator), CCAH
Principal Investigator, Genome wide association for susceptibility to transitional cell carcinoma across dog breeds, (Principal Investigator), CCAH
Principal Investigator, The effects of the KITLG locus onpigment intensity and cancer susceptbility in dogs, (Principal Investigator), CCAH
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2013 Bannasch D, Finno C : Genetic Tests for large Animals, , Large Animal Internal Medicine, 5th edition, . .
2013 Young AE, White SD, Bannasch DL : Genomics of Skin Disorders, Chowdhary, (ed), Equine genomics, Ames. .
2007 Bannasch D : Chapter 52: Genetic testing, Smith BP (Part Seven Section Editor), (ed), Large Animal Internal Medicine, 4th edition, . .
2007 Bannasch D, White S : HERDA (Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia) or hyperelastosis cutis, Robinson E, Sprayberry K, (ed), Robinson: Current Therapy in Equine Medicine, 6th edition, . .
2006 Young A, Bannasch D : Chapter 3: Morphological variation in the dog, , The Dog and its Genome, . .
Research Focus
The identification and characterization of naturally occurring large animal (equine and canine) models of human inherited diseases. 
Specialty Focus