Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson

Professor Emeritus

Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology

4215 Vet Med 3A, Davis, CA 95616

Diplomate American College of Veterinary Pathologists
1971, BS, University of Illinois, Urbana,
1975, DVM, University of Illinois, Urbana,
1978, MS, University of Illinois, Urbana,
1982, PhD, University of California, Davis,
Active Research Grants
Principal Investigator, Post Doctoral Training in Environmental Pathology, (Principal Investigator), Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health
Instructor, Pre-Doctoral Training in Environmental Toxicology, (Principal Investigator), Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health
Principal Investigator, Location specific systemic health effects of ambient particulate matter, (Principal Investigator), California Air Resources Board
Honors and Awards
1984 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Career Development Award
1974 Sigma Xi Scientific Honor Society
1974 Phi Zeta Veterinary Honor Society
1969 NSF undergraduate Research Fellow
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2010 Plummer L, Pinkerton K, Madl A, Wilson DW : Effects of Nanoparticles on the Pulmonary Vasculature, Cassee, F., (ed), Cardiovascular Effects of Inhaled Fine and Nano-sized Particles, . .
2002 Woods LW, Wilson DW : The respiratory system, C Plumlee, (ed), Pathology in Clinical Veterinary Toxicology, St. Louis, MO. .
2002 Wilson DW, Dungworth DL : Tumors of the respiratory tract in Moulton's, Meuton, D, (ed), Tumors of Domestic Animals, Ames IA. .
1999 Dungworth DL, Hauser B, Hahn FF, Wilson DW, Haenichen T, Harkema JR : Histological classification of tumors of the respiratory system of domestic animals, F Y Schulman, (ed), World Health Organization International Histological Classification of Tumors of Domestic Animals, . .
1995 Segall HJ, Wilson DW, Lame MW, Morin D, Pan LC, Jones AD : Monocrotaline pulmonary toxicity: Mechanisms and Pathology in Plant Associated Toxins, Colegate, SM, Dorling PR, (ed), Agricultural, Phytochemical and Ecological Aspects, . .
Research Focus
Anatomic and Toxicologic Pathology; expert in toxicologic pathology pertaining to the cariopulmonary system
Specialty Focus
Anatomic Pathology
Ten Recent Publications

Wilson DW, Oslund KL, Lyons B, Foreman O, Burzenski L, Svenson KL, Chase TH, Shultz LD
Inflammatory dilated cardiomyopathy in Abcg5-deficient mice.

Tablin F, den Hartigh LJ, Aung HH, Lame MW, Kleeman MJ, Ham W, Norris JW, Pombo M, Wilson DW
Seasonal influences on CAPs exposures: differential responses in platelet activation, serum cytokines and xenobiotic gene expression.

Aung HH, Lame MW, Gohil K, He G, Denison MS, Rutledge JC, Wilson DW
Comparative gene responses to collected ambient particles in vitro: endothelial responses

Wilson DW, Aung HH, Lame MW, Plummer L, Pinkerton KE, Ham W, Kleeman M, Norris JW, Tablin F
Exposure of mice to concentrated ambient particulate matter results in platelet and systemic cytokine activation

Rutledge JC, Ng KF, Aung HH, Wilson DW
Role of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins in diabetic nephropathy

Rodriguez CO, Crabbs TA, Wilson DW, Cannan VA, Skorupski KA, Gordon N, Koshkina N, Kleinerman E, Anderson PM
Aerosol gemcitabine: preclinical safety and in vivo antitumor activity in osteosarcoma-bearing dogs