Fabio Lima

Assistant Professor and Assistant Agronomist

Population Health & Reproduction

Diplomate of the American College of Theriogenology
2004, DVM, São Paulo State University,
2009, Residency, University of Florida,
2009, M.S., University of Florida,
2013, Ph.D., University of Florida,
2014, Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University,
Active Research Grants
Principal Investigator, Integrating host genome and rumen microbiome to improve efficiency of milk production in dairy cattle, (Principal Investigator), USDA NIFA – Animal Nutrition, Growth, and Lactation
Co-Principal Investigator, Predicting metritis spontaneous cure as a path to reduce antimicrobial resistance in dairy cows, Vinicius Machado (Principal Investigator), USDA NIFA – Animal Health
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2021 Lima FS: Vulvitis and Vaginitis in Large Animals, , Merck Veterinary Manual, . .
2020 Lima FS: Chapter 18, Using Bulls on the farm, Stevenson J, (ed), Hoard's Dairyman, Dairy Cattle Fertility , . 109-112.
Research Focus

The overarching goal of my research program is to advance health, fertility, and productive traits of dairy cows to optimize their contribution to environmental stewardship and sustainability of the global food supply.

My research program has been focused on three areas:

1) Reproductive performance: recent efforts include studying how genomic prediction for fertility traits translates into measurable reproductive outcomes and contributions of estrous synchronization program and endocrine profile to fertility predictions. I also have continued to conduct studies to understand the mechanisms by which nerve growth factor-ß influences ovulation, luteal development, conceptus development, and pregnancy in cattle.

2) Antimicrobial stewardship: my research has been investigating strategies to improve the judicious use of antimicrobials and the implication of microbiome to economically important diseases in dairy cows such as mastitis and metritis. Recent efforts include integrating cow, environment, and microbial-related data to predict the cure and self-cure of metritis using classic statistical inferences and machine learning algorithms.

3) Host-genome and gut microbiome interplay on productive traits: My research program also investigates host-genome and gut microbiome interactions modulating the milk production and feed efficiency traits in dairy cows.

Specialty Focus
Theriogenology especially focused on dairy cows' reproduction, health, and production traits