H Shivaprasad


California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab
Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology

Fresno Lab, Fresno, CA 93725

Diplomate American College of Poultry Veterinarians
1969, DVM, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India
1975, MS, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
1977, PhD, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
1980, MS, Purdue University,, West Lafayette, Indiana
Honors and Awards
1966 Merit Scholarship
1969 Indian Council of Agriculture, Junio Fellowship
1972 Government of India Fellowship
2011 Journal of Pathology: Best Paper
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2017 Crespo RC, Shivaprasad HL : Developmental, Metabolic and other Non- infectious Diseases, Swayne D, Glisson J, McDougald L, Nolan L, Suarez D, Nair V, (ed), , . .
2016 Shivaprasad HL, Barnes J : Avian Histopathology, 4th Edition, , , . 615-640.
2016 Shivaprasad HL : Hemorrhagic Enteritis Virus of Turkeys and Marble Spleen Disease of Pheasants, Aziz T, Barnes J, Fletcher O, (ed), , . 521-544.
2016 Shivaprasad HL : Gangrenous Dermatitis, Uzal F, Songer G, Prescott J, Popoff M, (ed), Clostridial Diseases of Animals, . 255-264.
2016 Shivaprasad HL : Overview of Hemorrhagic Enteritis/Marble Spleen Disease in poultry, , The Merck Veterinary Manual, Duluth, GA. .
Research Focus
Pathology of infectious and non-infectious diseases of birds.
Specialty Focus
Avian pathology