Jon Ramsey

Professor and Professor and Professor and Professor

Molecular Biosciences

3023 VM3B, Davis, CA 95616

1990, BS, Iowa State University, Ames, IA
1995, PhD, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
Active Research Grants
Co-Investigator, Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center (MMPC) at UC Davis, KC Kent Lloyd (Principal Investigator), NIH NIDDK
Co-Principal Investigator, A Ketogenic Longevity Diet For Resistance To Age-Related Functional Decline And Alzheimer's Disease, Jon Ramsey and Gino Cortopassi (Principal Investigator), NIH NIA
Co-Principal Investigator, Investigations OF Targets, Mechanisms, and Optimal Delivery of Therapeutic Ketosis for Functional Longevity and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease , Gino Cortopassi (Principal Investigator), NIH NIA
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2016 Ramsey JJ, Lopez-Dominguez JA, Hagopian K: The impact of aging and calorie restriction on liver mitochondria, Han D and Kaplowitz N, (ed), Mitochondria in Liver Disease, New York. 141-168.
2015 Gooding MA, McKnight LL, Ramsey JJ, Shoveller AK: Conducting indirect calorimetry studies in companion animals, Gerrits WJJ and Labussiere E, (ed), Indirect Calorimetry, techniques, computations and applications, Wageningen. 247-274.
2012 Ramsey JJ: Determining Energy Requirements, Fascetti AJ, Delaney SJ, (ed), Applied Veterinary Clinical Nutrition, Ames, IA. 23-47.
2007 Ramsey JJ, Hagopian K: Bioenergetics, Birren J, (ed), Encyclopedia of Gerontology, 2nd edition, Oxford. .
2001 Ramsey, JJ, S Monemdjou, S Lal, R Weindruch, and ME Harper: Restriction of energy intake, mitochondrial proton leak and aging, A Chwalibog and K Jakobsen, (ed), Energy Metabolism of Animals, Wageningen, the Netherlands. 305-8.
Research Focus
My research focuses on nutrition as it relates to obesity and aging. The goal of this research is to understand the biochemical mechanisms contributing to aging and obesity, and develop dietary interventions to promote weight loss and healthy aging.
Specialty Focus