Laura Stewart Van Winkle

Laura Stewart Van Winkle


Anatomy, Physiology & Cell Biology

508 CHE, Davis, CA 95616

Diplomate American Board of Toxicology (General Toxicology)
1987, BS, University of California, Santa Barbara
1995, PhD, University of California, Davis
Active Research Grants
Co-Investigator, UC Davis Core Center in Environmental Health Sciences, Hertz-Piccioto (Principal Investigator), NIEHS
Co-Investigator, Human Cyp2A and respiratory tract xenobiotic toxicity, Xinxin Ding (Principal Investigator), NCI
Co-Investigator, Air Pollution, Atherosclerosis, and the Role of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor, Christoph Vogel (Principal Investigator), NIH/NIEHS
Principal Investigator, Metabolic Mechanisms of Naphthalene toxicity in Lung, (Principal Investigator), NIH/NIEHS/NHLBI
Co-Investigator, What is the local dose of smoke from emerging tobacco products?, Wexler (Principal Investigator), Tobacco Related Diseases Research Program (TRDRP)
Principal Investigator, Traffic-related air pollution exacerbates AD-relevant phenotypes in a genetically susceptible rat model via neuroinflammatory mechanism(s) , (Principal Investigator), NIH
Co-Investigator, In vivo mechanistic study of QAC-induced pulmonary toxicity via mitochondrial injury, Cortopassi (Principal Investigator), NIH/NIEHS
Research Focus
The role of sex-differences and xenobiotic metabolism in lung pathology and toxicology. Air pollution including tobacco smoke, particulates and ozone. Growth factors and cell-cell interactions in lung wound healing, in lung disease (lung cancer and asthma) and during lung development. Cell proliferation and progenitor cells. Microscopes and imaging methods.
Specialty Focus
Toxicology of the lung. Diplomate American Board of Toxicology (DABT)
Ten Recent Publications

Stevens NC, Brown VJ, Domanico MC, Edwards PC, Van Winkle LS, Fiehn O.
Alteration of glycosphingolipid metabolism by ozone is associated with exacerbation of allergic asthma characteristics in mice.

Ding X, Han J, Van Winkle LS, Zhang QY
Detection of Transgene Location in the CYP2A13/2B6/2F1-transgenic Mouse Model using Optical Genome Mapping Technology.

Kovalchuk N, Jilek JL, Van Winkle LS, Cherrington NJ, Ding X
Role of Lung P450 Oxidoreductase in Paraquat-Induced Collagen Deposition in the Lung.

Cosert KM, Kim S, Jalilian I, Chang M, Gates BL, Pinkerton KE, Van Winkle LS, Raghunathan VK, Leonard BC, Thomasy SM
Metallic Engineered Nanomaterials and Ocular Toxicity: A Current Perspective.

Huynh H, Upadhyay P, Lopez CH, Miyashiro MK, Van Winkle LS, Thomasy SM, Pinkerton KE
Inhalation of Silver Silicate Nanoparticles Leads to Transient and Differential Microglial Activation in the Rodent Olfactory Bulb.

Domanico M, Fukuto A, Tran LM, Bustamante JM, Edwards PC, Pinkerton KE, Thomasy SM, Van Winkle LS^
Cytotoxicity of 2D engineered nanomaterials in pulmonary and corneal epithelium.

Fukuto A, Kim S, Kang J, Gates BL, Chang MW, Pinkerton KE, Van Winkle LS, Kiuchi Y, Murphy CJ, Leonard BC, Thomasy SM
Metal Oxide Engineered Nanomaterials Modulate Rabbit Corneal Fibroblast to Myofibroblast Transformation.

Kim S, Gates BL, Chang M, Pinkerton KE, Van Winkle L, Murphy CJ, Leonard BC, Demokritou P, Thomasy SM
Transcorneal delivery of topically applied silver nanoparticles does not delay epithelial wound healing.