Maurice Ernest Pitesky

Associate Specialist in Cooperative Extension

Population Health & Reproduction

4007 VM3B, Davis, CA 95616

California state license to practice veterinary medicine
American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine (ACVPM) Board Certified
1996, BS, University of California, Los Angeles
2008, DVM, University of California, Davis
2009, MPVM, University of California, Davis
2018, 6/26/2018-6/29/2018, UC Davis , UC Davis
Active Research Grants
Principal Investigator, Waterfowl and Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI): Spatio-Temporal Risk Mapping of HPAI in the Central Valley of California , (Principal Investigator), Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Principal Investigator, Survey of antibiotic resistance and the subsequent promotion of judicious use of antibiotics in backyard poultry, (Principal Investigator), CDFA
Principal Investigator, Mapping Ex-Urban Backyard Poultry Operations in Nepal with Youth: Toward Improving Profitability, Coop Construction, Disease Control and Communication between Household Farmers and Academic Stakeholders, (Principal Investigator), UC Davis Global Affairs
Principal Investigator, Free-Range & Pastured Poultry Training & Outreach Innovation Hub for Beginning Farmers in California & Oregon, (Principal Investigator), USDA-BFRDP
Principal Investigator, Poultry Production 2.0: Linking Food Safety, Production Efficiency and Poultry Welfare using Business Intelligence Software Linked to Statistical Code Linked to the Internet of Things (IoT), (Principal Investigator), UC-Davis Data Informatics and Application Launch (DIAL)
Principal Investigator, Using qPCR to Understand Up and Down Regulation of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Salmonella Heidelberg Challenged with Commonly Used Antimicrobials, (Principal Investigator), CFAH
Principal Investigator, Assessing the Toxicological Risk of Eggs from Backyards Chickens in Fire Affected Urban Areas in Northern California, (Principal Investigator), ANR
Principal Investigator, USDA Beginning Farmer Grant , (Principal Investigator), USDA
Co-Principal Investigator, NARMS Food Safety Surveillance in Southern California, Xunde Li (Principal Investigator), FDA
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2005 Schaldach CM, Bench G, DeYoreo JJ, Esposito T, Ferreira J, Gard EE, Grant P, Horn J, Huser T, Kashgarian M, Knezovich J, Lane S, Pitesky ME, Talley C, Woods B, Jen Wu K, Velsko SP : Chapter 13: Non-DNA methods for biological signatures, Breeze RG, Budowle B, Schutzer SE, (ed), Microbial Forensics, . 251-94, IV-VI.
Research Focus
Application of classic and spatial epidemiology in disease surveillance, food safety management, and other processes associated with poultry health.Interface of science and policy with respect to food safety and public health.Application of 'One-Health' principles with respect to domestic poultry, wildlife, the environment, and food safety.Composting and other value-added treatments for spent hens, and poultry litter for management of mortality and disease.Utilizing Next Generation Sequencing to understand bacterial pathogenicityCollaboration, communication, and outreach with stakeholders including commercial and backyard owners.
Specialty Focus
Poultry Health and Food Safety Epidemiology
Ten Recent Publications

Huang AS, Carvallo FR, Pitesky ME, Stoute S
Gastrointestinal impactions in backyard poultry

Cadena M, Froenicke L, Britton M, Settles M, Kumimoto E, Gallardo RA, Ferreiro A, Chylkova T, Weimer B, Zhou H, Pitesky ME^
Transcriptome Analysis of Salmonella Heidelberg (SH) After Exposure to Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Acidified Calcium Hypochlorite and Peroxyacetic Acid