Michael S Kent


Surgical & Radiological Sciences

137 CCAH, Davis, CA 95616

Diplomate American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Oncology)
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Radiology (Radiation Oncology)
1997, DVM, University of California, Davis, CA
1988, BA, Boston University, Boston
2006, MAS, University of California at Davis, Davis, CA
Active Research Grants
Co-Investigator, Radio-immunotherapy to Target Cancer Stem Cells in Solid Tumor Malignancies, William J Murphy (Principal Investigator), NIH
Co-Investigator, Administrative Supplements for P30 Cancer Center Support Grants (CCSG) to Support Research in Canine Immunotherapy via Collaboration of NCI-Designated Cancer Centers and Veterinary Medical Colleges, Lucky Lara (Principal Investigator), NCI
Co-Investigator, Development of PET Imaging Biomarkers to Predict Enhanced Glioblastoma Radiotherapy by a Novel H-NOX Oxygen Carrier, Cherry, Zwingenberger, Krotolica (Principal Investigator), NCI
Principal Investigator, Testing of an in-vivo dosimetry device in dogs, (Principal Investigator), CCAH
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2014 Kent MS, Seguin B : Oral Tumors, Bonagura JD, Twedt DC, (ed), Current Veterinary Therapy XV, St. Louis, MO. 366-69.
2012 Bergman PJ, Kent MS, Farese J : Melanoma, Withrow, Vail, (ed), Withrow and MacEwen's Small Animal Clinical Oncology, 5th Edition, St. Lois, MO. 321-33.
2012 Kent MS, Primas P : Chapter 63, Safe handling and care of patients exposed to radioactive and antineoplastic agents, Burkitt Creedon JM, Davis H, (ed), Advanced Monitoring and Procedures for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care, 1st Edition, Ames, Iowa. 814-20.
2008 Holmberg BJ, Kent MS : Ocular neoplasia, Bonagura JD, Twedt DC, (ed), Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy XIV, St. Louis. 1153-7.
Research Focus
Clinical and technical aspects of Radiation Oncology and targeted therapies.
Specialty Focus
Radiation Oncology