Myra Blanchard

Myra Blanchard


Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology

3318 Vet Med 3A, Davis, CA 95616

ASCP Medical Technologist (Clinical Laboratory Scientist), License #MT-146007
State of California, Department of Health Services, Medical Technologist (Clinical Laboratory Scientist) License #MTA30141
1981, B.S., California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California
1982, CLS, Saint Joseph Medical Center, Burbank, California
1985, , Murray State University Breathitt Veterinary Center, Hopkinsville, KY
1990, M.S., University of California, Davis
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2014 Stott JL, Blanchard MT, Anderson ML : Infectious agents: Epizootic bovine abortion (Foothill abortion), Hopper RM , (ed), Bovine Reproduction, Hoboken, NJ. 562-6.
Research Focus
Microbial Pathogenesis: To advance the understanding of epizootic bovine abortion (also known as foothill abortion) through studies of fetal pathogenesis, development of a murine model for studying the bacterial pathogen, development of diagnostic assays and to identify and test candidate immunogens for vaccine development.
Specialty Focus
Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology
Ten Recent Publications

Welly BT, Miller MR, Stott JL, Blanchard MT, Islas-Trejo AD, O'Rourke SM, Young AE, Medrano JF, Van Eenennaam AL
Genome Report: Identification and validation of Antigenic proteins from Pajaroellobacter abortibovis using De Novo Genome Sequence Assembly and Reverse Vaccinology

Brooks RS, Blanchard MT, Clothier KA, Fish S, Anderson ML, Stott JL
Characterization of Pajaroellobacter abortibovis, the etiologic agent of epizootic bovine abortion

Sitt T, Bowen L, Lee CS, Blanchard MT, McBain J, Dold C, Stott JL
Longitudinal evaluation of leukocyte transcripts in killer whales (Orcinus Orca)

Blanchard MT, Anderson ML, Hoar BR, Pires AF, Blanchard PC, Yeargan BV, Teglas MB, Belshaw M, Stott JL
Assessment of a fluorescent antibody test for the detection of antibodies against epizootic bovine abortion.

Heller MC, Watson JL, Blanchard MT, Jackson KA, Stott JL, Tsolis RM
Characterization of Brucella abortus infection of bovine monocyte-derived dendritic cells.

Blanchard MT, Chen CI, Anderson M, Hall MR, Barthold SW, Stott JL
Serial passage of the etiologic agent of epizootic bovine abortion in immunodeficient mice

Brault SA, Blanchard MT, Gardner IA, Stott JL, Pusterla N, Mapes SM, Vernau W, Dejong KD, MacLachlan NJ
The immune response of foals to natural infection with equid herpesvirus-2 and its association with febrile illness