Pouya Dini

Assistant Professor

Population Health & Reproduction

Diplomate of European College of Animal Reproduction
Diplomate of American College of Theriogenologists
2020, Visiting Scholar, Department of Veterinary Science, Gluck Equine Research Center, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky
2020, PhD, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Gent University, Merelbeke, Belgium,
2019, Diplomate of American College of Theriogenologists,
2018, Diplomate of European College of Animal Reproduction,
2013, Visiting Scientist, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Gent University, Merelbeke, Belgium
2013, PhD and Residency, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Science and Research, Azad University, , Tehran, Iran (in collaboration with UGent)
2009, DVM, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Karaj Azad University, Tehran, Iran,
Ten Recent Publications

Dini P, Bartels T, Revaha I, Claes AN, Stout TAE, and Daels P.
A retrospective study on semen quality parameters from four different Dutch horse breeds with different levels of inbreeding

Boakari Y, Ali H, Dini P, Loux S, Fernandes C, Esteller-Vico A, Scoggin K, Lawrence L, Ball B
Effect of oral urea supplementation on the endometrial transcriptome of mares

Loux S, Conley A, Ali H, Dini P, Ball B
New Insights in Equine Steroidogenesis: An In-Depth Look at Steroid Signaling in the Placenta

Scare J, Dini P, Norris J, Steuer A, Scoggin K, Gravatte H, Howe D, Slusarewicz P, Nielsen M
Ascarids exposed: a method for in vitro drug exposure and gene expression analysis of anthelmintic naïve Parascaris spp

H El-Sheikh Ali, Y L Boakari, S C Loux, P Dini, K E Scoggin, A Esteller-Vico, T Kalbfleisch, B A Ball
Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals the Key Regulators and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Myometrial Activation during Equine Placentitis

Dini P, Carossino M, Loynachan A, Ali H, Wolfsdorf K, Scoggin KE, Daels P, Ball B
Equine hydrallantois is associated with impaired angiogenesis in the placentas

Ali H, Scoggin K, Legacki E, Loux S, Dini P, Esteller-Vico A, Conley A, Stanley S, Ball B.
Steroid synthesis and metabolism in the equine placenta during placentitis

Dini P, Norris J, El-Sheikh Ali H, Loux SC, Carossino M, Esteller-Vico A, Bailey E, Kalbfleisch T, Daels P, Ball B.
Landscape of Overlapping Gene Expression in The Equine Placenta