Roger Sciammas

Assistant Professor and Assistant Professor in Residence

Anatomy, Physiology & Cell Biology
Center for Immunology and Infectious Diseases

CCM; County Rd. 98 & Hutchison Dr, Davis, CA 95616

1989, BS, University of California, Invine, CA
1997, PhD, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Active Research Grants
Principal Investigator, Role of IRF4 in T helper cell fate decisions, (Principal Investigator), NIH
Principal Investigator, Role of the set-like domain of blimp-1 in plasma cell function and immunoglobulin secretion, (Principal Investigator), NIH
Principal Investigator, Deconstructing high affinity-based selection of Germinal Center B cells through analysis by chromatin accessibility , (Principal Investigator), 10x Genomics and UC Davis DNA Technologies & Bioinformatics Cores' joint grant program
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2011 Sciammas R, Chong AS, Colvin R : Chapter 4: The B Cell Response to Transplantation Antigens, Lakkis F, (ed), In: Immunotherapy in Transplantation: Principles and Practice, Immunotherapy in Transplantation, 1st edition, Oxford, UK. 38-53.
2005 Sciammas R, Davis MM : Blimp-1; immunoglobulin secretion and the switch to plasma cells, , Curr Top Microbiol Immunol, . 201-24.