Verena K Affolter

Verena K Affolter


Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology

    Phone Number
3313 Vet Med 3A, Davis, CA 95616

FVH Pathology (Specialization in Veterinary Pathology), Switzerland
Diplomate of European College of Veterinary Pathology (ECVP)
1982, DVM, University Berne, Berne, Switzerland
1984, Dr. Med. Vet, University Berne, Switzerland
1989, Anatomic pathology training, University Berne, Switzerland
1999, PhD, University of California Davis, Dept. of Pathology, Microbiology, Immunology, Davis
1990, Senior Resident Anatomic Patho, Cornell University, Ithaca NY, USA, ,
Active Research Grants
Co-Investigator, Unraveling complex traits by defining genome function (Part I); Create a tissue-specific atlas of gene expression and regulation in the Thoroughbred horse, C Finno (Principal Investigator), Grayson Jockey Club Foundation
Co-Investigator, CT characteristics of metastasis in canine oral malignant melanoma. Comparison with pathologic findings, J Willcox (Principal Investigator), CCAH
Honors and Awards
1992 Swiss National Foundation
2017 VMTH Faculty Clinical Excellence Award
2017 C.L. Davis/Thompson Foundation Journal Award for our publication Cutaneous Lymphoma at Injections Sites: Pathological, Immunophenotypical, and Molecular Characterization in 17 cats" in Veterinary Pathology
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2014 Affolter VK : Chronic Progressive Lymphedema in Draft Horses, Yu AA, Rosychuck RAW, (ed), Veterinary Clinics of North America; Equine Practice, . 589-605.
2014 Affolter VK : Chronic Progressive Lymphedema in Draft Horses, NE Robinson, KA Sprayberry, (ed), In: Current Therapy in Equine Medicine, . .
2011 Affolter VK, Borchers A : Hauterkrankungen, Fey K, Kolm G, (ed), Fohlenmedizin, Stuttgart, Germany. 254-269.
2010 Moore PF, Affolter VK : Histiocytic proliferative diseases in dogs and cats. , Ettinger SJ, Feldmann EC, (ed), Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 7th edition, St. Louis, Missouri. 2202-2207.
2008 Affolter VK, Moore PF : Histiocytic Proliferative disorders, Prelaud P, Gaguere E, Craig M, (ed), A practical guide to canine dermatology, . 471-480.
Research Focus
Dermatopathology/Immunopathology: Structure and function of the leukocytic components of the skin immune system; Histiocytic proliferative diseases in dogs and cats; Lymphocytic proliferative diseases of the skin; Immune-mediated skin diseases, including vasculitis; Ischemic dermatopathy in dogs; Progressive lymphedema and associated pastern dermatitis in draft horses
Specialty Focus
Anatomic Pathology, Dermatopathology, Immunopathology
Ten Recent Publications

Boye JK, Byrne BA, Alex CE, Affolter VK, Christensen BW, Dujovne GA
Theriogenology Question of the Month

Outerbridge CA, White SD, Affolter VK
Alopecia universalis in a dog with testicular neoplasia

Schjaerff M, Keller SM, Affolter VK, Kristensen AT, Moore PF
Cellular endocytic compartment localization of expressed canine CD1 molecules

Goodale EC, White SD, Outerbridge CA, Everett AD, Affolter VK
A retrospective review of hyperaesthetic leucotrichia in horses in the USA

Roccabianca P, Avallone G, Rodriguez A, Crippa L, Lepri E, Giudice C, Caniatti M, Moore PF, Affolter VK
Cutaneous Lymphoma at Injection Sites: Pathological, Immunophenotypical, and Molecular Characterization in 17 Cats

Puschner B, Chen X, Read D, Affolter VK
Alfalfa hay induced primary photosensitization in horses