Woutrina A Smith

Associate Dean and Professor and Agronomist

Medicine & Epidemiology
One Health Institute

1042 Vet Med 3B, Davis, CA 95616

2004, PhD, University of California, Davis, CA
2001, MPVM, University of California, Davis, CA
1996, BA, Pomona College, Claremont, CA
2001, DVM, University of California, Davis,
Active Research Grants
Co-Investigator, Ecology and diagnostics of Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic fever virus and work-force development and training program for National Bio and Agro Defense facility (NBAF), Bird, B (Principal Investigator), United States Department of Agriculture ARS
Collaborator, Ecosystem and Community Resiliency in the Sierra Nevada: Restoration of the Clover Valley Ranch, Monahan C (Principal Investigator), California Department of Fish and Wildlife/Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program
Honors and Awards
1999 Helen Bailey Memorial Research Scholarship
2001 Contributions to Avian and Exotic Medicine Award
2002-2003 Coastal Environmental Quality Initiaive Graduate Fellow
2002-2004 California Sea Grant Fellow
2003 Consortium for Women and Research Travel Award
2003 World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology Travel Award
2003 Morris Animal Foundation Fellow
2004 American Society for Microbiology Summer Institute Fellow
2005 International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine Travel Award
2005 Merck/Merial National Veterinary Scholar Symposium Honorable Mention
2005 National Institutes of Health Internet Grantwriting Modules Fellow
2020 Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award - recognized for excellence in teaching population health and epidemiology in professional and graduate programs; for graduate advising/mentorship, for innovation in undergraduate curricula in global One Health, and for training faculty peers in online teaching methodology
Research Focus
Dr. Smith's research program uses One Health approaches to investigate the epidemiology and transmission dynamics of zoonotic pathogens locally in California as well as internationally at multiple project sites in Africa and Asia. As a molecular epidemiologist working at the interfaces of humans, animals, and their shared environments, waterborne fecal pathogens as well as milk- and airborne transmitted zoonotic agents are of particular interest when considering individual and population health issues.
Specialty Focus
Microbiology, Epidemiology, Zoonoses
Ten Recent Publications

Wong JT, Lane JK, Allan FK, Vidal G, Vance C, Donadeu M, Jackson W, Nwankpa V, Abera S, Mekonnen GA, Kebede N, Admassu B, Amssalu K, Lemma A, Fentie T, Smith W^, Peters AR
Reducing calf mortality in Ethiopia

Lane JK, Negash Y, Randhawa N, Kebede N, Wells H, Ayalew G, Anthony SJ, Smith B, Goldstein T, Kassa T, Mazet JAK, Consortium P, Smith WA^
Coronavirus and paramyxovirus shedding by bats in a cave and buildings in Ethiopia

Díaz-Gavidia C, Barría C, Weller DL, Salgado-Caxito M, Estrada EM, Araya A, Vera L, Smith W, Kim M, Moreno-Switt AI, Olivares-Pacheco J, Adell AD
Human and hoofed livestock are the main sources of fecal contamination of rivers used for crop irrigation: a microbial source tracking approach

Pandit PS, Anthony SJ, Goldstein T, Olival KJ, Doyle MM, Gardner NR, Bird B, Smith WA, Wolking D, Gilardi K, Monagin C, Kelly T, Uhart M, Epstein JH, Machalaba C, Rostal MK, Dawson P, Hagan E, Sullivan A, Li H, Chmura AA, Latinne A, Lange C, O'Rourke T, Olson SH, Keatts L, Mendoza AP, Perez A, de Paula CD, Zimmerman D, Valitutto M, LeBreton M, McIver D, Islam A, Duong V, Mouiche M, Shi Z, Mulembakani P, Kumakamba C, Ali M, Kebede N, Tamoufe U, Bel-Nono S, Camara A, Pamungkas J, Coulibaly K, Abu-Basha E, Kamau J, Silithammavong S, Desmond J, Hughes T, Shiilegdamba E, Aung O, Karmacharya D, Nziza J, Ndiaye D, Gbakima A, Sijali Z, Wacharapluesadee S, Robles EA, Ssebide B, Suzán G, Aguirre LF, Solorio MR, Dhole TN, Nga NTT, Hitchens PL, Joly DO, Saylors K, Fine A, Murray S, Karesh W, Daszak P, Mazet JAK; PREDICT Consortium, Johnson CK
Predicting the potential for zoonotic transmission and host associations for novel viruses

Fieldhouse JK, Randhawa N, Fair E, Bird B, Smith W, Mazet JAK
One Health timeliness metrics to track and evaluate outbreak response reporting: a scoping review

Chang EK, Miller M, Shahin K, Batac F, Field CL, Duignan P, Struve C, Byrne BA, Murray MJ, Greenwald K, Smith WA, Ziccardi M, Soto E
Genetics and pathology associated with Klebsiella pneumoniae and Klebsiella spp. isolates from North American Pacific coastal marine mammals.

Newberry C, Lane JK, Byrne B, Mwanzalila M, Hamza T, Okachu J, Kazwala R, Smith WA^
Antimicrobial resistance patterns and risk factors for cloacal Escherichia coli in chickens in Central Tanzania