Xunde Li

Associate Researcher

Population Health & Reproduction

2000, PhD, University of Rouen, Rouen, France
1990, MS, Jilin University, China
1987, BS, Jilin Agricultural University, China
Active Research Grants
Principal Investigator, NARMS surveillance of antibiotic resistance in retail meat in southern California , (Principal Investigator), FDA
Co-Investigator, Reducing occupational exposure to zoonotic pathogens in California dairy farm workers, Atwill (Principal Investigator), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (CDC)
Co-Investigator, Survey of antibiotic resistance and the subsequent promotion of judicious use of antibiotics in backyard poultry (BYP), Maurice Pitesky (Principal Investigator), CDFA
Principal Investigator, Antimicrobial resistance in different origins, types, and forms of seafood, (Principal Investigator), USDA NIFA Formula Funds (CFAH)
Principal Investigator, NARMS seafood pilot study, (Principal Investigator), FDA
Principal Investigator, NARMS expands surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in retail foods to Hawaii , (Principal Investigator), FDA
Principal Investigator, NARMS seafood pilot study, (Principal Investigator), FDA
Co-Principal Investigator, A pilot study to assess worker exposure to antimicrobial resistant genes from dairy and beef cattle operations, Xiang (Crystal) Yang (Principal Investigator), WCAHS
Honors and Awards
2009 Scientific Cooperation Exchange Program between USDA and China’s Ministry of Agriculture, invited expert of U.S. Team #4: “Rapid detection technologies for food safety, environmental and agricultural applications”, October 10-25.
2000-2001 USDA and USEPA joint research scholarship
1998-2000 Scholarship, awarded by Normandy Association of Parasitology Research, France
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2019 Robles Jimenez LE, Angeles Hernandez JC, Osorio Avalos J, Li X, Atwill ER, Castelan Ortega O, Gonzalez Ronquillo M : Veterinary Antibiotics in Animal Diet: Effects on Waste/Environment, , Bioactive Molecules in Food, . 1775-1792.
2013 Chen S, Li X, Li J, Atwill ER : Chapter 8: Rapid detection of Brucella spp. using loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP), Kolpashchikov DM, Gerasimova YV, (ed), Methods in Molecular Biology: Nucleic Acid Detection: Methods and Protocols, . 99-108.
2012 Atwill ER, Li X, Grace D, Gannon V : Chapter 3: Zoonotic waterborne pathogen loads in livestock, Dufour A, Bartram J, Bos R, Gannon V, (ed), Animal Waste, Water Quality and Human Health, WHO, London, UK. 73-114.
2012 Atwill ER, Partyka M, Bond RF, Li X, Xiao C, Karle B, Kiger LE : An introduction to waterborne pathogens in agricultural watersheds, , Natural Resources Conservation Service, United States Department of Agriculture, . 1-84.
Research Focus
  • Source, persistence and transmission of microbial pathogens in the agroecosystem
  • Molecular epidemiology of foodborne zoonotic pathogens
  • Laboratory testing of bacterial susceptibility to antimicrobials
  • Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance of enteric bacteria in livestock and retail meat
  • Ecology of bacterial antimicrobial resistance
  • Evaluation of alternatives to antibiotics
Specialty Focus
The overall goal of my research is to protect the health of animals and the public and improve food safety through laboratory and field-based studies on the sources, ecology, and transmission of bacterial and protozoal pathogens and bacterial antimicrobial resistance.
Ten Recent Publications

Li X, Chase JA, Bond RF, Lor P, Fernandez K, Nguyen TH, Partyka ML, Thiptara A, Atwill ER
Microbiological safety of popular recreation swimming sites in Central California

Kim K, He Y, Xiong X, Ehrlich A, Li X, Raybould H, Atwill ER, Maga E, Jørgensen J, Liu Y
Dietary supplementation of Bacillus subtilis influenced intestinal health of weaned pigs experimentally infected with a pathogenic E. coli

Antaki-Zukoski M, Li X^, Pesavento PA, Adaska JM, Byrne BA, Nguyen THB, Hoar BR, Jay-Russell MT, Atwill ER
The Effect of Cryptosporidium Parvum Co-Infection on the Duration of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Fecal Shedding in Experimentally Inoculated Pigs

Li X, Flores KA, Barry S, Becchetti TA, Doran M, Finzel JA, Larsen R, Lile D, McDougald N, Nguyen T, Xiao C, Atwill ER
Statewide cross-sectional survey of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in California cow-calf herds

Kim K, Ehrlich A, Perng V, Chase JA, Raybould H, Li X, Atwill ER, Whelan R, Sokale A, Liu Y
Algae-derived ß-glucan enhanced gut health and immune responses of weaned pigs experimentally infected with a pathogenic E. coli

Pereira R, Williams DR, Rossitto P, Adaska J, Okello E, Champagne J, Lehenbauer TW, Li X, Chase J, Nguyen T, Pires AFA, Atwill ER, Aly SS
Association between herd management practices and antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella spp. from cull dairy cattle in Central California