About Us

The Office of Development advances the teaching, research, and public service of the School of Veterinary Medicine by increasing the amount of private financial support available to the School and its faculty.


  • To increase the fund raising potential of every faculty member through the development of fund raising plans and proposals, the production of informational materials, the direction of promotional programs, and the maintenance of volunteer organizations.
  • To stimulate a climate of fund raising entrepreneurship and success based on the knowledge that donors are attracted by visionary plans and retained by personalized attention to their interests.
  • To systematically identify, cultivate, solicit, and resolicit an expanding number of individuals and organizational donors.
  • To assure the timely and accurate processing of all gifts while also maintaining the confidentiality of donors and their gift records.
  • To set and maintain the highest ethical standards in the solicitations, receipt and disposition of charitable contributions.
  • To recognize each gift from every donor as a generous contribution from a valued and appreciated member of our educational family. The most effective words in any fund raising program are "thank you."