farrier at work in the UC Davis farrier shop

Farrier Service

The UC Davis veterinary hospital provides a full-service farrier shop for all your horse's shoeing needs. Farrier Shane Westman brings more than 30 years of experience as a horseman and farrier and offers superior service to clients.

Westman believes that horse health begins with healthy hooves and that a team approach between clients, clinicians, and the farrier is the best approach to horse health. Westman works side-by-side with our veterinarians to customize the management of challenging shoeing and lameness problems, and to help prevent the development of future problems.

The UC Davis farrier shop at the Large Animal Clinic plays an integral part of providing high-level diagnostics and cutting-edge therapeutic services to UC Davis clients.

Appointments for farrier services are available to all clients regardless of hospitalization status at the UC Davis Large Animal Clinic.

About The Farrier

Shane Westman, APF
farrier holding hot horseshoe
Shane Westman, APF

Shane Westman has served as the farrier for the UC Davis veterinary hospital since 2016. As a lifelong horseman and a farrier for 30+ years, Westman has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to UC Davis’ Large Animal Clinic.  

While growing up riding and working with horses in his home state of Washington, Westman decided to turn his horse hobby into a career and attended farrier trade school in 1992. He joined the American Association for Professional Farriers (AAPF) in its inaugural year as a founding member and has since served on the board of directors. Westman is especially passionate about promoting professional development through continued education to help all farriers to constantly improve their practice. In addition, he has moderated roundtable discussions at the International Hoof Care Summit, demonstrated at the AAPF Hoofcare Essentials Clinic, presented at UC Davis’ esteemed Heumphreus Memorial Lecture, and served as a farrier field representative at various equine trade shows.

Westman credits International Equine Veterinarians Hall of Famer Dr. Ric Redden’s annual laminitis symposium, which he first attended in Louisville in 1994, for getting him hooked on professional development events. He has shared this passion for learning by volunteering at several events, including the Northwest Horse Expo, the Washington State Horse Expo, the Northwest Washington Horse Expo, and many local riding organizations and charity groups. Additionally, Westman spent five years presenting to students in the veterinary assistant program at Skagit Valley College (WA), which included classroom lectures and live demonstrations.

Westman’s dedication to animals extends beyond his professional farrier duties. He is the co-founder and former board member of Skagit Animals In Need. The Washington nonprofit was established to assist animals in the care of the Skagit County animal control officer. When county resources become depleted, Skagit Animals In Need steps in with further assistance.

“I am very proud of helping to get that program off the ground,” Westman said. “We helped many horses and other animals over the years and assisted a very hard working and dedicated animal control officer in Skagit County.”  

For the entirety of his career, Westman has emphasized a team approach between veterinarians and farriers. This, in combination with his lifelong interest in therapeutic work, makes his position at UC Davis an ideal fit. Working alongside a team of world-class equine specialists, Westman’s services are an integral part of providing superior diagnostics and cutting-edge therapeutic services to UC Davis clients.

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