Referring Veterinarians - Small Animal

Referring Veterinarians - Small Animal Clinic

VMTH Referrals

  • Behavior
  • Dr. Elizabeth Stelow

    Clients book appointments directly with main hospital client service representatives.
    Intake forms will be sent to clients when appointment is booked.
    Records are requested on initial contact from service to client with intake form.

    Phone: 530-752-1393
    Fax: 530-752-7616 (email preferred)
  • Cardiology
  • Urgent/emergent referrals
    Call main hospital number (530-752-1393) or coordinator (530-752-6349)

    Non-urgent referrals
    Referral form is not necessary, call main hospital number.
    Client can also schedule appointment by calling main hospital number.

    Contact: Coordinator - Cristin Dietrich
    Phone 530-752-6349

    Records & imaging:
    Fax: 530-754-7297
  • Companion Avian/Exotic
  • Contact: Cristin Dietrich
    Phone 530-752-6349
    Fax 530-752-8906
    Patient Referral Form (doc)
  • Dentistry/Oral Surgery
  • Urgent/emergent cases
    Referring veterinarians should call the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service 530-752-2470. If no one answers/after 4:00pm, call main number (530-752-1393) to speak to ER. 

    Non urgent cases
    DOSS sees cases by referral only and this form can be completed online  ( by the primary care veterinarian/office.
    Pertinent medical records should be attached to the referral form for our review. 
    We will contact the referring veterinarian by email with an update after the case has been triaged by our faculty. The scheduler will call the client directly to coordinate a consultation. 

    Contact: Lori Kibbe
    Phone 530-754-6240

    Case Consults:
    Phone 530-752-2470
  • Dermatology
  • No referral forms necessary. Please send medical records via email or fax at the time of the referral.
    Please include the reason for the referral when contacting the Dermatology Service. 

    Phone 530-754-7508
    Fax 530-754-1300
  • Medical Oncology
  • Referral and approval required – not all referrals can be scheduled due to extremely high case numbers.
    Hospital patient referral form acceptable.

    To refer a case, please email the service with patient information, client contact, and all relevant medical records. Records will be reviewed and client services will contact clients to set up an appointment 3-4 business days after receipt of records.

    Contact: Jenny Dutton
    Fax 530-754-2268
    Patient Referral Form (doc)
  • Neurology / Neurosurgery
  • Referral required.
    Referral form with records submitted concurrently preferred.
    Imaging must be uploaded to Ambra ahead of appointment.

    Contact: Lisa Winn
    Fax 530-752-9620
    Neurology Referral Form
  • Nutrition
  • Appointments booked directly through the service (see number below).
    Consultations through the primary veterinarian can also be arranged.
    Records and questionnaire forms can be emailed.

    Forms available on website: The Diet History Form is for the owner (required for both direct appointments and for remote consults), and the Nutrition Consult Request Form is for the referring veterinarian (extremely helpful for direct appointments, required for remote consults). 

    Contact for more information: 
    Fax 530-752-7901
  • Ophthalmology
  • No referral form necessary
    Non-urgent patients: Clients or referring veterinarians can call the main hospital number (530-752-1393). Records should be sent to

    For urgent or emergency patients (referral only): The referring veterinarian must call the hospital and ask to be transferred to the “resident on call” to discuss the case and determine a time for the patient to be seen.
    Contact: Danielle Styers
    Fax 530-752-0454
  • Radiation Oncology
  • No referral form required, appointments via main hospital number (530-752-1393).
    Records, imaging, and referral requests can also be emailed.

    Contact: Sarah Ludwig
    Fax 530-754-2268
  • Small Animal Emergency & Critical Care
  • Call main hospital number (530-752-1393) to discuss referral with clinician.
  • Small Animal Integrative Medicine
  • No referral form necessary, appointments via main number.
    Once appointment is booked, clients are asked to complete an intake questionnaire and have records sent at least 3 days before the appointment.

    Contact: Cristina Mancia
    Phone 530-754-5411
    Fax 530-754-6344
  • Small Animal Internal Medicine
  • Clients or referring DVMs can call and make an appointment via the main hospital number (530-752-1393).
    Records are requested when appointment is booked and should be emailed
    Referring veterinarians with referrals for specific faculty can contact the service for scheduling.

    Contact: Natasha Hansen
    Fax: 530-752-9620
    Patient Referral Form (doc)
  • Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery
  • Referrals are requested by submitting the Orthopedic Surgery online referral form with medical records and imaging attached or emailed to The coordinator will call the client once records are reviewed to discuss appointment scheduling.

    Non urgent cases
    Orthopedic Surgery sees cases by referral only and this form can be completed online  (Surgery Referral Form) by the primary care veterinarian/office.

    Pertinent medical records should be attached to the referral form for our review. 

    We will contact the referring veterinarian by email with an update after the case has been triaged by our faculty. The scheduler will call the client directly to coordinate a consultation. 

    For Fracture referrals:  Referring veterinarians may call the Coordinator directly at 530-754-0608 (during business hours) to discuss the case. During the after-hours, please call the main hospital.

    Owners may also call the main hospital number (530-752-1393) and talk to the receptionists who will then send an email to service coordinator with all pertinent information of the owner/patient/phone number/referring veterinarians contact.  

    All records must be emailed for review. The client/patient will be placed on a wait list and called when an opening becomes available.

    Contact: Lori Kibbe
    Desk: 530-754-0608 
    Main Hospital: 530-752-1393          
    Fax: 530-752-9620
  • Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Not currently seeing routine outside referrals.

    If there is a case that the referring veterinarian feels requires Soft Tissue Surgery Service, or if the case is of special interest to the service (studies, minimally invasive, etc.), then records should be sent for approval.

    Contact: Michelle Chavez
  • Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials
  • Clients or referring DVMs can request more information about ongoing clinical trials by inquiring through our Study Pages  or by emailing

Small Animal Referral Information:

(Click Here to go to Large Animal Referrals)

VMTH direct referral line: 530-752-4050 (for veterinarian or clinic staff use only)

Case referrals from private practitioners are a major part of our caseload and provide the foundation for our DVM student and resident training programs. Our faculty and residents have access to fully staffed, state-of-the-art laboratories, diagnostic imaging resources, and therapeutic modalities, as well as the latest research findings in veterinary medicine. We are anxious to share our most current knowledge and resources with the referral community, and are committed to building a strong relationship with veterinarians through timely and thorough information about their patients seen at UC Davis.

Web Access to Referred Cases

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For help and troubleshooting please email the VMTH client services.

About Web Access to Referred Cases

Dear Colleague:
Thank you for being an active partner with us in providing students with excellent case material through the referral process. We greatly value your referrals, and we are striving to make the referral process as easy as possible.

Through online web access you can select from a list of cases (visits) that you have formally referred to us, as well as cases for which you were identified by the client as their local veterinarian. These visits are displayed in reverse chronological order (i.e., most recent first) with modest identifying information associated (patient name, client name, date of visit, etc.). If you select a visit which has not been finalized yet, only the demographic information will be displayed (to include the primary clinician on the case). If you select a visit that has been finalized you will be able to view the following information:

  • presenting complaint
  • pertinent history
  • physical exam findings
  • inter-service consultations
  • problems noted
  • medical and surgical procedures performed
  • laboratory results
  • imaging reports
  • pharmacy dispensations
  • pathological diagnoses
  • clinical diagnoses
  • plans and progress notes
  • comments
  • discharge summary
  • discharge instructions

Again, we thank you for being a partner with us in the education of your future colleagues.

Contacts for Referring Veterinarians:


Danielle Styers

Cristin Dietrich

Cristin Dietrich

Jenny Dutton

Jenny Dutton

Lorri Kibbe

Lori Kibbe

Lisa Winn

Lisa Winn


Natasha Hansen