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Please use the alphabetical listing below to find the college where you wish to satisfy the UC Davis SVM prerequisites. View a list of the prerequisites. The courses listed on the reports have been evaluated and have been approved to fulfill our prerequisites. We do our best to keep the information in these documents up to date; however, if any course prefixes, numbers, or titles are incorrectly listed, please notify us by sending an email to

If you are attending a California public college, you must take the courses listed on the report for your school; no other courses have been approved.  If you attend a private California college or a college out-of-state that is not included on the list, you will need to submit a course substitution form for the three upper division courses (Biochemistry, Genetics, & Physiology).

Keep in mind that Biochemistry w/ metabolism, Genetics and Physiology will not be accepted if taken at a community college or at the lower division level at your college. These three courses must be taken at the upper division level. Make sure to review your college’s course numbering system to be sure you are only submitting a course substitution form for upper division courses. Please note: A combined anatomy/physiology course will not satisfy the Physiology requirement unless it’s taken as an upper division two-semester sequence.

Lower division prerequisites are usually easy to articulate on your own by reviewing course descriptions in your college’s catalog. You should select a two-semester/three-quarter sequence for general biology w/ lab, general chemistry w/ lab, organic chemistry w/ lab, and physics.

You may take any course in statistics (calculus will not satisfy the requirement). A course substitution form is not necessary to evaluate statistics. 

 In-State Schools:

Out-of-State Schools