Monty the Python Has Cancerous Tumor Removed

“Case of the Month” – June 2024


Monty, a 9-year-old male ball python, has been with owner Teena Fultz for five years. Already dubbed Monty when she received him, the snake got to keep his famous moniker as Fultz appreciated the humor behind it. They have been constant companions since.

“He’s very sweet and knows me and my partner well,” said Fultz. “Monty recognizes our scents and knows we are his ‘home trees.’ Whenever he smells us, he knows he’s safe.”

Exotics Medicine Resident Wins National Award


Dr. Nicole Mikoni, a resident in the Companion Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery Service, was awarded the 2024 American Association of Veterinary Clinicians (AAVC) Resident Award. The recognition is given annually to a resident in their final year of training who has achieved a high degree of excellence in their chosen specialty.

In nominating candidates, faculty mentors take into consideration activities, awards, and productivity of the resident during their training process.

Exotics Care at UC Davis Spans Many Species

The Companion Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery Service at the UC Davis veterinary hospital provides wellness care, specialized diagnostic testing, medical treatments, surgical options, and emergency care for exotic companion animals.

Collaborative Care Leads to Successful Surgery Behind Rabbit’s Eye

Jill Harris of San Francisco has been a dedicated and experienced rabbit owner for more than 20 years, enjoying volunteering at rabbit rescues and creating fun names for her many rabbits over the years. When her rabbit Lady Alaia McBiggs, an 8-year-old female Flemish giant, experienced a bulging right eye, Harris immediately took her to their primary veterinarian. X-rays there proved inconclusive, so Lady Alaia McBiggs was referred to the Companion Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery Service at the UC Davis veterinary hospital for more advanced imaging to discovery the cause of the bulge.