Creating a Brighter Future for Shelter Animals

Christine Lynch and UC Davis alumnus William C. Tanner have a special place in their hearts for shelter animals, especially their feline companions Abby, Baxter, Biscuit and Tobias—who once faced uncertain futures. Lynch has made a difference in the lives of countless cats, dogs and other companion animals at their local shelter in Puyallup, Washington, where she has volunteered more than 7,000 hours over the past 14 years. “Bill and I are committed to creating a brighter future for animals and were inspired to support the Koret Shelter Medicine Program (KSMP),” Lynch said.

Radiation Therapy Successful in Treating Dog’s Rare Cancer

Charlotte, a 7-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel, was always a happy and healthy dog. Last summer, her owners Lannis and Jamie Pope noticed a small (but growing), discolored dot on her nostril that seemed to cause her nose to run excessively. After taking her to their primary veterinarian, where it was determined to be cancerous after a basic lab result, the Popes sought an advanced diagnosis from the oncology specialists at the UC Davis veterinary hospital.

A Dog’s Tale of Her Journey Back to Health

Sadie Mae, a Catahoula/Rottweiler mix, narrates a tale of her journey through cancer treatments. Along the way, she tells you of her relationship with her owner and the care she got at the UC Davis veterinary hospital.

Dog Enjoys Family Vacation After Cancer Treatments

Bubbles, a 10-year-old male boxer, was brought to the UC Davis veterinary hospital’s Emergency Room following an inability to maintain his coordination accompanied with weakness in his hind limbs. Critical care specialists in the ER referred him to the Neurology/Neurosurgery Service for further evaluation. Following examination and an MRI, a tumor on Bubbles’ spinal cord was discovered.