Faculty Fellows Program Supports Development of Publicly Engaged Research or Scholarship

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Faculty Fellows Program Supports Development of Publicly Engaged Research or Scholarship

This Fall, Public Scholarship and Engagement (PSE) will welcome the second cohort of Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows, established to support individuals creating and circulating knowledge for and with publics and communities. This includes, for example, developing research relationships with community partners, identifying ways to integrate scholarship with policy, and applying for extramural funding or awards.

“I am really excited to see that this cohort-based program is reaching new audiences of faculty. From engineering, humanities, and medicine to the environmental, health, and social sciences, the Davis and Sacramento campuses, it is clear that public scholarship is transdisciplinary in focus when integrating knowledge across disciplines and fields with community knowledge,” says Vice Provost Michael Rios.   

The 2021-2022 cohort includes:

  • C. Titus Brown: Department of Population Health, School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Angel DesaiDepartment of Internal Medicine, UC Davis Health 
  • Ian Faloona: Department of Land, Air and Water Resources, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 
  • Simona GhettiDepartment of Psychology, College of Letters and Science
  • Naomi Elizabeth Hauser: Department of Internal Medicine, UC Davis Health 
  • Misty HumphriesDepartment of Surgery, UC Davis Health
  • Miguel Jaller MarteloDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Richard KimDepartment of Asian American Studies, College of Letters and Science
  • Grace Wang: Department of American Studies, College of Letters and Science

“I am so excited to get to know this group of Faculty Fellows who are working on critically important issues for our university and our time. These Fellows join a growing cohort of alumni Faculty Fellows with Public Scholarship and Engagement who are creating the future of engaged scholarship at UC Davis,” says Associate Vice Provost Tessa Hill.

In addition to helping Fellows develop their engaged scholarship, this program supports faculty in identifying challenges and benefits of engaging in work with external partners, avenues for publishing public scholarship, strategies for communicating scholarship with audiences beyond academia, representing public scholarship in tenure files, and envisioning futures of public scholarship at UC Davis.

About UC Davis Public Scholarship and Engagement

Public Scholarship and Engagement (PSE) is building and supporting meaningful relationships between communities and UC Davis scholars that work together to solve today’s problems and tomorrow’s challenges.

We envision a university unbound that seeks to serve the public, equitably and inclusively, resulting in reciprocal and mutual benefit to California’s communities and beyond.

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