Cat and Owner Both Survive Cancer

August 01, 2019
Dinx, a 10-year-old female cat, was brought to the UC Davis veterinary hospital for evaluation of a low grade soft tissue sarcoma mass on her ear that grew back after surgical removal a year prior. Most likely, another surgery would be required to remove the mass.

Alumni Connection Helps Dog with Cancer

July 01, 2019
Oso, a 2-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever, started dragging his back legs while on a walk. His veterinarian in Bend, Oregon—surgeon Dr. Mauricio Dujowich, a UC Davis alum—performed an MRI that revealed a massive tumor inside his spinal cord, pinching the nerves to his back legs.

Donation Helps Dog with Cancer

November 01, 2018
"It all began when a freak accident turned into being a blessing in disguise," said Melissa, the owner of Nalla, an 8-year-old Chow mix.

Partnership Program Helps Animals with Cancer

September 01, 2018
“We were devastated to learn our beloved Chihuahua Pixie, had leukemia," said Pixie's owner. "Things did not look good, but with the help of the doctors at the UC Davis veterinary hospital, we decided on chemotherapy treatment."

Dog Fights Bladder Cancer

August 01, 2018
Luna, a 10-year-old Scottish terrier, was diagnosed with bladder cancer by #UCDavis oncologists in 2017.

Evening of Gratitude 2018

April 19, 2018

The school held its annual Evening of Gratitude dinner on April 18th, a special occasion that brings together scholarship donors and student recipients to celebrate the power of philanthropy. Students received $6.7 million in total support from scholarships and grants this year, thanks to the generosity of individual, association and corporate donors who make these new and continuing awards possible.

Dog's Tumor Removed

February 28, 2018
Labrador retriever Gus was diagnosed with an acanthomatous ameloblastoma, a locally invasive tumor that does not tend to spread to other parts of the body.

Dog Still Enjoys Life After leg Removal

January 01, 2018
Sawyer, a 10-year-old male Labrador retriever, had his front left leg removed after cancer (hemangiosarcoma) was discovered in his left scapula. Since hopping around on three legs takes a bit more energy than before, he naps a little more now, but other than that, he’s still his sweet goofy self.

Dog's Lymphoma Successfully Treated

December 01, 2017
Pop-Tart, an 8-year-old corgi mix, was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2015. After treatment at UC Davis, she quickly went into remission for two years.